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Health Benefits of Royal Matcha Green Tea

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Learn about the many health benefits of royal matcha green tea

Royal matcha green tea is an ancient Japanese tea that is chockfull of health benefits. Green tea’s fame is sparked by anecdotes of those who allegedly experience and enjoy its benefits. But have you also heard that of the many green tea products available in the market, green tea in powdered form, which is called matcha has the most potent of nutrients? And one matcha green tea stands out among its kind, the Royal Matcha green tea.

Royal matcha green tea was first invented in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) but China has gradually forgotten powdered tea while in Japan it continued to be an important piece at Zen monasteries. The Buddhists monks who later introduced tea and Zen Buddhism to Japan in 1911 made preparation and consumption of powdered tea into a ritual. The Japanese tea ceremony called Chado is a cultural activity that centers in the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha. For this reason, it is but natural for Japan to have eventually perfected the methods and techniques of producing matcha to its best.

Matcha is meticulously prepared. It is neither oxidized nor fermented thus the nutrients are kept intact as if you are consuming the leaf in its original state. Several weeks before harvest, tea bushes are covered to keep them from direct sunlight, which slows down growth and turns the leaves into darker shade of green. This method produces amounts of amino acids that cause the sweet taste of tea. Upon harvest, the leaves are laid out flat to dry. Once somewhat crumbled, they are de-veined, de-stemmed and stone ground to fine, bright green and talc-like powder called matcha. The highest grades of matcha have more intense sweetness and deeper flavor than the standard or coarser grade of tea harvested later in the year.

There are several kinds of matcha green tea available in the market today. But as earlier mentioned the best one comes from Japan, which is the Royal Matcha Green Tea. The following are some of the reasons that make Royal Matcha Green Tea superior above the rest:

· It uses 3 layers of shading to maximize chlorophyll energy boost.

· Hand-harvested to ensure only the youngest leaves and buds are plucked.

· Ground in controlled environment using granite to avoid nutrient loss.

· Goes through extensive laboratory testing to ensure quality like consistency of color, particle size, levels of amino acids and polyphenol content.

· Stored in refrigerated warehouses to ensure freshness and potency.

· Produced in an ISO 9001 certified ‘clean room’ facilities and received superior rating from AIB International.

· The first Matcha tea to receive international organic certifications like the IMO Switzerland (EU Organic, USDA Organic) and JONA (Japanese Organic)

· Kosher certified.

The next time you buy green tea, choose matcha and be sure it is the Royal Matcha Green Tea. Drink Royal Matcha Green Tea today, be healthy and live long.


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