Health Benefits of Elderberries: Elderberry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

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The Elderberry is a shrub belonging to the honeysuckle family. It is a small, sweet, purple berry that grows on bushes that can often be found growing along roadsides. In addition to its many health benefits, every part of the elderberry can be used to ma

In addition to the flavonoids, elderberries contain Vitamin A, B and C it also boost your immune system to fight infections like herpes, colds, cough, influenza (Elderberry juice was used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995) and viral and bacterial infections, . And has antioxidants to fight free radicals to protect against cell damage, improve heart health


When acting as an antioxidant, carotenoids have been shown to reduce the damage caused by certain molecules called free radicals. A generous amount of these chemicals might prevent damage to cells and tissues as well as genetic damage. This means that they might increase your immunity  to infection  and reduce the risk of cancer and protect against heart disease.

Amino acids:

Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins and are known as "the building blocks of life." Needed for the growth, repair and maintenance of your body’s tissues. Amino acids produce antibodies to strengthen your immune system.

Sugar and fruit acids:

A low acid fruit; elderberries is low in calories and great as a snack to replace processed and packaged foods while maintaining your healthy diet.


Rutin is powerful antioxidant properties help protect your body from damaging free radicals. Rutin inhibits platelet aggregation, strengthening capillaries and circulatory system making your blood thinner thus improving circulation. It can also be beneficial to you if you bruise or bleed easily. Rutin works to stabilize the effect of vitamin C in the body. In addition, Rutin has been found to help treat and prevent venous edema and other disorders such as varicose veins, glaucoma, hemorrhoids, hay fever, oral herpes, cirrhosis, and cataracts.

,Viburnic acid:

Purging agent; known for its elimination properties, elderberries is a diuretic and detoxifier by way of vomiting, excessive urination and perspiration and flatus (gas). The juice of this purple fruit helps in improving digestion and elimination as well as provides energy to the body and help in weight lose.


Avoid eating unripe elderberries or those species that are red and grown in rounded clusters. Only eat those elderberries from the black elderberry plant and those that are very ripe. Be very careful to avoid consuming raw berries as they are toxic and can make you sick. 

Elderberry Breakfast Smoothie

Delicious; chilled elderberry-fruit smoothie, full of assorted fresh berries, is a refreshing beginning to your day. Also use elderberry fruit in jellies, sauces, pies, tarts, muffins, cakes  and wines. The best way to reap the benefits of elderberry is to drink 10 ounces of elderberry juice daily.


Yield: 2 serving


  • 1 cup elderliness
  • 1 cup blackberries
  • 1 cup fresh strawberries
  • 2 bananas cut up
  • 1/4 cup Honey
  • 1 cup ice cubes


  1. Place the elderberries, blackberries, strawberries, bananas, honey and ice cubes in blender and puree until smooth. 
  2. Pour into Tall glasses, garnish with fresh mint leaves.
  3.  This smoothie will hold, well, under refrigeration, for three days.

Tip: How to was and cook elderberries

  1. Remove twigs and soak in cold water to cover, debri will float to top. Drain.
  2. Place 2 pounds of elderberries and 3 cups water with 2 cups sugar in a large pot, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Drains and use as needed or freeze for later.


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