Happy Birthday Messages for Son

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Happy Birthday Messages for Son! If you are looking for a loving birthday message for your son then your search ends here. In this article you will find a fantastic collection of happy birthday messages that you can send to your beloved son. Read on to

Your son is going to celebrate his birthday soon and you don’t want to miss that very special day of your beloved son. Of course, you have prepared delicious food and a little party for your son however, your son’s birthday celebration will not be complete without your birthday message as his parent? Celebrate your son's birthday by expressing your loving wishes for your son by sending these special happy birthday messages. Read on to choose the the perfect happy birthday message for your son. 

1 I’m so glad that God had blessed me with a wonderful son like you. I’m very proud of you. And on your birthday today, let me express my warmest birthday wishes for you. I love you my dear (name)

2 My dearest son, here is a warm greeting from your mom/dad, wishing you a birthday full of cheer and happiness. I hope someday you will be able to achieve your dreams and ambitions. Happy birthday!

3 I wish you all the best in life my Son, I pray that the Lord will enrich you and blessed you the brightest future for you. Happy birthday son!

4 Enjoy your day today my son! Happy birthday! Cheers on your birthday!

5 I know that anyone can greet you a happy birthday but as your mom/dad, this birthday message is made especially for you. From the bottom of heart, I would like you to know how happy I’am seeing you growing in the right path. May you reach all your dreams and I promise to support you all the way! I love you son, happy birthday to you!

6 It’s so nice to have an adorable son like you. You have made our family happy and full of hope because of your presence. So, in your birthday today, I want my son to be the happiest boy in town. Tonight, mom and dad prepared something special for you, you can even invite friends to come by. Happy birthday son! Cheers!

7 Happy birthday son! I want you to know that you are such a blessing from heaven and every year I’m so thankful to God seeing you growing so wonderful. Be happy today and I did prepare your favorite sweet style spaghetti with delicious fried chicken. See you later son!

8I love you son! I will never forget the very moment when I carry you in my arms. Each year, your birthday brings back of that sweet moment of ours and I just find my tears are falling down my cheeks. I’m wishing only the very best of blessings for you.  Happy Birthday!

Now that you have got the perfect list of sample birthday message for your son. Be sure to be the very first person to greet him and tell him as much you love him as your son. Make every birthday celebration of your son be a memorable one. 

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