Happy Birthday Messages for Sister

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Happy Birthday Messages for Sister! Celebrating your sister’s birthday is astonishingly a fabulous cheerful moment. Aside from being there in your sister’s party, sending her a special birthday message is something really thoughtful and swee

Living with a sister makes your daily life complete. Your own sister is indeed, your best buddy in times of gladness and difficulties. So on her birthday, send your dear sister the most thoughtful and loving warm wishes for her. Read on and find the perfect happy birthday message for your sister.

1 Hello sis! I would like to greet my best-friend and my best buddy ever… my sister (name)! Many thanks for all your love and support! I wish you all the blessings in life. I love you sis!

2 Today is your birthday and I want to say “happy birthday!” Every year we grow together and I really treasure each moments with you! I love you as my sister and thank you too because you have been my best-friend at all times. Cheers!

3 You are my sister and we have been together for years. We share all our stuffs, secrets and dreams. And today is your birthday, I want to say happy birthday and may all your dreams come true today, tomorrow and forever! I love you sis! God bless you more.

4 Hello there sis! I simply want you to know that I personally cherish each and every moment with you. On your birthday today, I just wish that my favorite sister will have bunch of fun and much more awesome years to pursue.

5 There is absolutely nothing more pleasurable in our universe rather than realizing that I have a loving sister who I can wake up in the middle of the night and simply take away my worries. Thanks for always being there sis. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

6 Hey there Sis, did you ever know that you're my best buddy in the whole world. Thank you for all the pillow fight every night!  Wishing my special sister a very Happy Birthday!

7 You are such a wonderful sister to me. Happy Birthday to my one and only dearest sister.

8 Happy birthday sis! I want to see that loving smiling face that’s why along with this message here comes my own personalized gift for you. Especially made just for my cute sister! Happy birthday!

9 Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! I hope that even as you grow old as years goes by, we will always stay best-friends forever. I love you sis! I wish you all the best as you enter a new year in your life.

10 Happy birthday to the most incredible girl and that is only you my sister (name). Let us enjoy your day and let the fun fill the air. Call all your friends and let’s have some cheers for you! Happy birthday sis!

Bookmark this page right now and use these great collection of happy birthday messages to wish you dear sister. Saying happy birthday to your sister is so easy to do;yet a very thoughtful gestures and full of love. So, send these birthday messages now and make sure that you will be a part of your sister’s big day.  


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Posted on Apr 12, 2012
Posted on Apr 12, 2012
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