Hampden Park - Record Attendances

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A look at the attendance records of Hampden Park, Glasgow Scotland.

Hampden Park is a football stadium situated in the Mount Florida area of Glasgow, Scotland. It is the home ground of amateur team Queen’s Park but is also the national stadium. As such, it is home to international matches and both Scottish Cup and League Cup Semi-Finals and Finals. The stadium’s current capacity is 52,103 and is an all-seater stadium.

(The current Hampden Park - Image Source)

Due to the horrific incident of Hillsborough in the 1980’s, Hampden had to be converted to an all-seater stadium (work finishing in 1999). Before which, Hampden Park had terraces and had a capacity of well over 100,000 but it was not particularly safe – terraces generally weren’t. The advent of all-seated stadiums may have been a safer option but it did reduce the potential for attendances dramatically.

When it came to attendances, Hampden Park certainly led the way. Here we will take a look at some of the high attendances at Hampden Park over the years and the records it holds.

1904: Scottish Cup Final 64,472

First final at third Hampden Park.

1906: Scotland V England 102,741

First six-figure attendance for any game in Scotland.

1908: Scotland V England 121,452

World-record attendance at that time.

1912: Scotland V England 127,307

World-record attendance at that time.

1925: Celtic V Rangers (Scottish Cup Semi-Final) 101,714

First six-figure crowd for a domestic club game in Scotland.

1928: Celtic V Rangers (Scottish Cup Final) 118,115

Record crowd for a domestic match in Scotland at that time.

1930: Queen’s Park V Rangers 95,772

World-record crowd for a match involving an amateur team.

1931: Scotland V England 129,810

World-record attendance at that time.

1933: Scotland V England 136,259

World-record attendance at that time.

1937: Celtic V Aberdeen (Scottish Cup Final) 147,365

World-record attendance for a national cup final. Still the largest attendance for a domestic match in Europe.

1937: Scotland V England 147,415

All time record for a European international match.

1944: Scotland V England 133,000

Record wartime attendance in the UK.

1946: Scotland V England 139,468

Record attendance for an unofficial international.

1948: Rangers V Hibs (Scottish Cup Semi-Final) 143,750

Record attendance for a non-final match.

1948: Rangers V Morton (Scottish Cup Final & Replay) 129,176 & 133,570

Largest combined attendance for a final plus replay.

1954: Scotland V Hungary 113,056

Largest crowd ever for a match involving Hungary.

1960: Real Madrid V Eintracht Frankfurt 127,621

Record attendance for a European Cup Final (Champions League)

1963: Rangers V Morton (League Cup Final) 105,907

First six-figure crowd for a League Cup Final.

1965: Celtic V Rangers (League Cup Final) 107,609

All time record attendance for a British League Cup Final.

1970: Celtic V Leeds United (European Cup Semi-Final) 136,505

All time record attendance for a European Cup match.

(The original Hampden Park  - Image Source)

Hampden Park certainly set many attendance records for football matches but it also set many other records along the way. Hampden Park was the first stadium in the world to install turnstiles, to install a press box, to install a tannoy and even was host to the world’s first all-ticket match. Where Hampden Park led, others did follow. Not bad for a stadium in Scotland.


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