Gunsmoke TV Show Collectibles Values

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Gunsmoke is TV's longest-running western airing from 1955 to 1975 with James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon. Valuable Gunsmoke TV show collectibles include Park Plastic target games, Aladdin lunchboxes and thermoses, Dell and Gold Key comic books, James Ar

CBS-TV's Gunsmoke ran from 1955 to 1975 producing 635 episodes. James Arness (Marshal Matt Dillon), Milburn Stone (Doc Adams), Amanda Blake (Kitty Russell), Dennis Weaver (Chester B. Goode), Ken Curtis (Festus Haggen) and Buck Taylor (Newly O'Brian) were the show's principal performers through the years. Here are ten valuable Gunsmoke TV show collectibles that are sure to interest fans and collectors. Return with us now to Dodge City...

Gunsmoke Dell Four Color #679 Comic Book

The first Gunsmoke comic book published was Dell Four Color #679 dated 1956. One issue in very fine+ condition sold at auction for $84. Original cost: ten cents.

Gunsmoke Dell #679 comic $84 - Heritage Auctions

Gunsmoke Steel Handcuffs

John-Henry Products made the official Gunsmoke toy steel handcuffs in the late 1950s. When found still on their illustrated card this item could be worth $35-45. 

Gunsmoke Gold Key #2 Comic Book

Gold Key published six Gunsmoke comic books from 1969-70. Gold Key #2 dated April 1969 in graded CGC near mint+ 9.6 condition brought $131.45 at auction. James Arness, Milburn Stone and Ken Curtis appear on the cover. Original cost: 15 cents.

Gunsmoke Gold Key #2 comic $131.45 - Heritage Auctions 

Gunsmoke U.S. Marshal Prop Badge

An actual U.S. Marshal badge worn by James Arness as Matt Dillon in the series sold at auction for $4,481.25. The badge had been acquired directly from the CBS archives.

Gunsmoke James Arness prop badge $4,481.25 - Heritage Auctions

Gunsmoke Whitman Jigsaw Puzzle

Whitman produced a Gunsmoke jigsaw puzzle circa the 1960s. It's valued at $30-35 in excellent condition.

Gunsmoke James Arness and Amanda Blake L&M Cigarettes Advertising Sign

Back in the day Hollywood and sports celebrities often plugged cigarettes! An early 1960s cardboard advertising sign featuring Gunsmoke stars James Arness and Amanda Blake promoting L&M cigarettes is valued at over $100 today.

Gunsmoke Aladdin Lunchbox with Thermos

Aladdin produced an official Gunsmoke lunchbox with thermos in 1959. One set in fine condition sold at auction for $115. Character lunchboxes and thermoses are often difficult to obtain in nice condition as they were often abused (e.g., kicked down the street) by their youthful owners.

Gunsmoke lunchbox with thermos $115 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

Gunsmoke Target Game

Park Plastic Co. produced the highly coveted Gunsmoke Target Game in 1958. Find this one in complete condition in its original box and it could be worth $150-200.

Gunsmoke, TV Guide, May 11, 1957

James Arness as Matt Dillon graces the cover of the May 11, 1957, edition of TV Guide. This issue in excellent condition is valued at $50-55.

Gunsmoke, Chicago Tribune TV Week, August 31, 1957

Dennis Weaver as the popular Chester appears on the cover of the August 31, 1957, issue of TV Week, a television listings supplement published by the Chicago Tribune. This one is valued at $20-25 in top condition. Weaver departed Gunsmoke for good in 1964, later finding more TV fame as McCloud (1970-77).  

Gunsmoke TV Show Collectibles Credits

  • All auction/sales results courtesy Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas; Hake's Americana & Collectibles, York, Pennsylvania; TV Guide Specialists, Macomb, Illinois
  • Top image: Gunsmoke cast members, l-r: James Arness, Amanda Blake, Milburn Stone - CBS-TV

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