GrubHub vs Eat 24 vs ChowNow vs Postmates: Online Delivery Services-Features and Review Ratings Compared

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Grubhub is effective for those who pay attention to restaurant reviews due to their percentage system for quick measurement. The Eat 24 service will work well if you want to use unusual mobile devices. ChowNow is primarily for restaurants that want to set

The ability to order food from a restaurant at just about any time can be highly important for those who are in a hurry or in a bad situation in terms of mobility. That’s exactly why modern food delivery services can be a godsend. Here are a few delivery services laid out side by side for your perusal, so you can decide which one appeals to you the most.




Grubhub is available for both Android and Apple apps. It’s one of the older services for finding food online near your current location, and the site makes doing this fairly easy.


  • Instant Locate-If you click on the blue icon under “Enter your address below” on the main site, and then allow the site to find your location, you can get instant food options by hitting the search button.
  • Review Breakdowns-One convenient feature is that Grubhub will breakdown reviews into percentages for you. It will say how many reviewers though the food was good, that it was delivered on time, and that it was accurate, all by percentage.
  • Many Browsing Options-You can browse by Asian food delivery, dessert, Chinese, chicken and other cuisine filters, you can browse by city, and you can browse by restaurant directly if you want, all through just one click.


Eat 24

Eat 24 is the app made by the review service Yelp. It gets good reviews online, and there’s a lot of compatibility for many different devices including Kindle and a Chrome extension.


  • Order Status and Live Help-If you click in the top right corner of the screen, you can check up on your order to see how it’s progressing in real time. You can also take to a representative from Eat 24 to solve any issues happening with your order or any questions that you have.
  • Eat 24 App-This is the app for Eat 24, which is also called “The Hunger.” There’s a lot of versatility in how you can use this app. The support is there not just for iPhone and Android, but iPad, Kindle and even Chrome as well.
  • Easy to Use Interface-The main page especially makes it easy to choose delivery or pickup, and you can click on the type of food you want complete with pictures.




ChowNow is the other side of the food delivery service, the part aimed at restaurants. The service allows restaurants to set up something that will make it easier for customers to order from them.


  • Create Apps-You can get mobile app functionality to allow customers to fire up the app and order from your restaurant directly online. These can even be branded specifically to your style.
  • Wide Online Compatibility-It’s even possible to make your restaurant or store’s items available to order by customers through not just your website, but Yelp, Facebook, and Google Pages as well. The Internet is all about convenience, and the easier you make things for your customers, the more likely they are to decide they care about your food more than the hassle of order, especially if you can make that hassle very minor.
  • Data Services-The ChowNow service includes marketing services to get the word out about you business and your app. It includes data about what you’re customers are buying, what their interests are, what their pattern of purchases are in terms of your business, and other information besides.




Postmates takes a bit of a different approach to delivery where they don’t interface with restaurants directly through phone calls and instead send someone to go pick up takeout for you.


  • Order Anything-The service claims that you can order just about anything you want for takeout, and then someone will go get it and deliver it to you.
  • Urban Logistics Platform-This is new tech from the company that connects customers to local couriers. That way, you can order what you want and get it in minutes.
  • Deliver Anywhere-You aren’t limited to your house with this service. You can specify where you want it to go.

Head to Head


Grubhub features easy to read reviews that are broken down by percentage points. It’s the old standard in food delivery services, and there’s a sense on the site that will appeal to those trying to really narrow down exactly what they want considering the prevalence of ‘categories’ like ‘alcohol delivery.’

Eat 24 has a lot of mobile options including the ability to download it onto just about any device you can think of, even Kindle.

ChowNow has a full set of features for companies trying to make ordering easier for customers. This includes a full suite of management tools for accepting orders and making pickup times accurate. It includes dedicates support staff for helping with order monitoring.

Postmates offers free deliveries on all orders over $25 for $10 a month. Or, you can go with flat rate delivery fees. There’s also free trials available as well. The service allows you to use your phone to order from just about anywhere you want. You can then watch the status of those doing the delivery in real time by following them on GPS.


Reviews for Grubhub are generally good with a 7.6 out of 10 on TrustPilot out of over 900 reviews, for example. Complaints focus on some accuracy issues with orders.

The Eat 24 app gets good reviews on Google Play, with over 4 stars and more than 30,000 reviews.

Overall, reviews online for ChowNow are pretty mixed. They have strong reviews on Glassdoor for working conditions, but the iPhone app gets mixed reviews, though there aren’t that many reviewers. The price of $119 per month is what it takes for continual service if you pay annually.

PostMates get good reviews on Google Play with 3.8 stars out of 5 and over 5000 reviewers. The main complaints from the site appear to be about miscommunication involving delivery fees. This means that it’s worth taking the extra effort to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you’ll be charged for anything that you order.