Growth of Human Being After 22 Years of Age

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There is no exact age at which human beings stop growing in height. But in cases of women once they attain puberty between ages 14 to 16, they dont grow any more. In case of men they hardly grow in height after attaining 20 to 22 years. The articles speak

Human beings are known to grow in height right from birth to around 20 to 22 years. Although growth of human beings is dependent on many factors like gene, weather conditions, food and health conditions, but biologically men grow taller than women.

There are certain reasons for the difference in height. Women stop growing in height after 15 to 16 years because after puberty the long bones stop growing in height due to closing of epiphyseal plates. Besides the effect of endocrine glands have function in respect of determining of height of human beings. Sometimes over-secretion or under-secretion can lead to gigantism or dwarfism.

Again the mean heights of different races all over the world differ. Asians don’t grow as taller as the Europeans. So part of the reasoning relating to growth in height is dependant on the gene of the parents.

Growth plates are the joints which facilitate growth and are located in both the wrists and the knees. Whenever human beings sleep, the growth hormones help them to grow more than when they are awake. But the growth actually takes place through the growth plates. But as the growth hormone stops helping men or women to grow more than nothing can be done. The lower body stops growing in height before the upper body because they have solid bones which don’t allow growth once fused. Where as the upper part of the body is formed of cartilages and bones so the growth stops later.

Generally the age where women stop growing in height is 15 to 16 years, while in case of men it is 20 to 22 years. But there is no strict age as such. Sometimes stretching exercises like swimming, cycling enhances growth, but that too during the growth age, definitely not after 25 years of age.

Sometimes people who are unsatisfied with their height go on to have surgical operations to enhance height after 22 years. They undergo breaking of the legs and pulling them apart and bolts are drilled into the bones which take time to get set inside the body. The entire procedure is very painful and problematic.

Besides there are pilates exercises which are complex. These are very difficult and require the supervision of medical experts. With these exercise human beings can add half or one inch to their original height even after attaining 25 years of age.

 Instead of doing all those human beings should be satisfied with the height they attain genetically till 22 years of age.


Aryan Karimi
Posted on Feb 13, 2019
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Posted on Sep 12, 2016