Growing Grapevines to Cover a Chain Link Fence

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Growing grapevines for privacy in your yard. Covering up an unsightly chain link fence.

If you have a chain link fence and are looking for a way to make your yard a little more private there is a relatively easy way to do this with grapevines. It takes a little bit of patience but once they take off you will not only have a beautiful fence cover but also a lot more privacy in your yard. Growing grapevines is not at all hard to do, they pretty much take care of them selves once you have them established.

Find a good local nursery that can sell you grapevine starts. These are usually one year starts. You need to decide what kind of grapes you want, certainly don’t plant grapes that you wouldn’t eat, if your fond of green seedless then that’s what type you should get. Grapes come in a wide variety of types and colors so if you aren’t sure you may want to go to your local produce shop and taste test different grapes to decide which kind best suits your palate.

When you decide what kind you want call around and find a nursery that carries what you want. When you get the starts they look like sticks with roots and you may think they won’t take off, don’t fool yourself, these starts are just waiting for good ground to go in and grapes will grow in almost any kind of soil. It helps the roots out if you prep the ground first by digging a hole about a foot deep and work some compost into the soil to prep the ground for the starts. When you are at the nursery picking up your starts also pick up a gallon of root stimulator. After you transplant the starts hit them with root stimulator about every week and then after about a month, when you see green shoots coming off the starts cut back to about every two weeks.

Don’t cut them back the first year and by year two, in the early spring, cut off anything that doesn’t look healthy. By year two you should get a healthy growth of grapes. In the fall you will need to prune them back but by year three you should have a healthy established grapevine that produces a huge amount of grapes. As the vines grow you can feed the vines through the chain link and the tendrils will grab hold and give you a nice cover for your fence and give you and your family privacy.

Plant the starts about 5 feet apart for good cover of your fence. Remember you won’t see much the first year but by the second year you will be amazed at how much cover they provide and it will also amaze you how easy they are to grow. Grapevines are so pretty and with a little care, they really don’t require much, you will have an attractive fruit bearing vine that you and your family can enjoy for years.


William Dyer
Posted on Jan 23, 2014
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Posted on Sep 14, 2010