Green Poop Diagnosis: 6 Reasons Why People Have Green Poop

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This is a list of the reasons why people have green stool

Nowadays, more and more people are very concerned about their health. People are too concerned about what they eat, what kind of environment must they be exposed to and what physical activities they must do in order to maintain their health. But when people realized that their poop was green, they mostly thought that there’s something wrong inside their bodies. If you are also experiencing one, then don’t worry too much. Here are the basic reasons why your stool is green.

Causes that are not health-threatening:

1. Eating too much iron-rich foods. If you always eat large quantities of meat, beans and iron supplements, it could reflect to the color of your stool. If too much iron is absorbed in the body, the spare unneeded iron is flushed outside of the body which gives off a light to dark green color in the human waste.

2. Chlorophyll found in leafy vegetables. If you frequently eat a lot of leafy veggies in your salads or viands, then chlorophyll is the main reason. Chlorophyll is a compound found in leaves that gives food for the plants and the leaves’ greenish color. A human’s body could not break these down and is very normal for these to be mixed with the human waste.

3. Eating foods with artificial colorants. If you eat a lot of processed foods such as jellies, popsicles and candies, then it is possible to get the artificial colors in your stools. Although it is normal, eating a lot of preserved foods could have a bad impact on your health.

Causes that are health-threatening:

4. Digestion Problems. Digestive diseases could also change the color of your poop. If the digestive system is not working properly, the bile which is found in the stomach can be flushed away easily which makes the color of the stool. Bacteria could also be a triggering component of the problem.

5. Experienced food poisoning. If you experienced food poisoning, then there are chances that your stool could also have a greenish color. It could wear off after a day of two after the incident. But if you still have a green stool after three days, then consult your doctor immediately.

6. Taking medications or change of diet. These causes are normal especially if you are taking a certain medication or new diet change for the first time, and the green stool color could wean off after a few days. But if you still noticed than the poop color is not returned back to normal, it must be a symptom of another serious body problem.

If you are experiencing green stools with stomach cramps, vomiting or frequent defecation, a help from the doctor is advised.

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Posted on May 4, 2011