Green Acres TV Show Memorabilia Values

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CBS-TV's Green Acres aired from 1965 to 1971. Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor head the cast, with Tom Lester, Frank Cady, Pat Buttram and Alvy Moore in support. Valuable Green Acres TV show collectibles include original television scripts, old TV Guides, Whitm

The rural TV sitcom Green Acres ran on CBS from 1965 to 1971 producing 170 half-hour episodes. Jay Sommers was the show's creator, with Eddie Albert (Oliver Wendell Douglas), Eva Gabor (Lisa Douglas), Tom Lester (Eb Dawson), Frank Cady (Sam Drucker), Pat Buttram (Mr. Haney) and Alvy Moore (Hank Kimball) heading the cast. Here are ten valuable Green Acres TV collectibles that are sure to interest fans and collectors. "Green Acres is the place for me/Farm livin' is the life for me..."

Green Acres Antique Fordson Toy Tractor

ERTL produced the highly coveted Green Acres antique Fordson toy tractor in 1969 — the same model used by Eddie Albert on the show. One example in excellent condition with its original box sold at auction for $100. It carries the licensing trademark of Filmways TV Productions Inc. — dahling.

Green Acres toy tractor $100 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

Green Acres School Writing Tablet

Back in the day kids used to purchase TV character school writing tablets. A Green Acres model picturing Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor on the cover in unused excellent condition carries a value of $15-25.

Green Acres Television Scripts

A collection of 29 original Green Acres scripts spanning the years 1966-70 brought a bargain $298.75 at auction. Also included in the lot was a three-page synopsis and a 35-page script for the unproduced episode "J. Edgar Hooter Rides Again."

Green Acres TV scripts $298.75 - Heritage Auctions 

Green Acres Paper Doll Album

Whitman produced the Green Acres Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor paper doll album in 1967. Find one in excellent condition and it could be worth $50-75.

Green Acres Coloring Book

What youthful fan of the zany sitcom didn't want a Green Acres coloring book made by Whitman in 1967? Unused examples can sell for over $30.

Green Acres Autographed Photo

An 8x10 color photo signed by Eddie Albert (1906-2005) and Eva Gabor (1919-1995) sold at auction for $156.

Green Acres Eva Gabor Satin Caftan Dress

Eva Gabor as the transplanted New Yorker Lisa Douglas wore some elegant dresses on Green Acres. A Gabor satin caftan dress costume from the show brought $2,006 at auction.

Green Acres, TV Guide, January 8, 1966 

Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor grace the cover of the January 8, 1966, edition of TV Guide. This issue is valued at around $30 in excellent condition.

Green Acres, TV Guide, September 2, 1967

Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert appear on the cover of the September 2, 1967, issue of TV Guide. Find this one in excellent condition and it could be worth $25-30.

TV Guide 9/2/67 $25-30 - Triangle Publications, Inc.

Green Acres, Cleveland Plain Dealer TV Week, June 10, 1966

Eva Gabor as Lisa Douglas can be found on the cover of the June 10, 1966, issue of TV Week, a television listings supplement magazine put out by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It carries a value of $20-25 in top condition.

Green Acres TV Show Memorabilia Credits

  • Auction/sales results courtesy Hake's Americana & Collectibles, York, Pennsylvania; Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas; TV Guide Specialists, Macomb, Illinois 
  • Top image: Green Acres TV logo - Filmways TV Productions Inc.

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