Grammar Checking Tools Comparison: Writing Dynamo vs. Grammarly

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This article compares two grammar checking websites. These websites will take your writing and proof-read it to ensure that your paper is absolutely flawless. These tools are a necessity for writers who aren't confident in their ability to use proper gram

If you've ever had any experience writing, which most people have, you understand the importance of flawless grammar in your paper. Proper grammar usage is possibly the single most important aspect of any writing what-so-ever. If someone is reading your college application letter and notices you don't even know how to make parallel sentence structure, there's a good chance that your application will end up in the trash. If you spend all night working on a huge research paper only to find out upon receiving your grade that you don't know how to make subject-verb agreements, you're going to suffer a lot when it comes to the end of the grading period. So how do you ensure proper grammar usage and error-free papers? By using an online grammar checking website. This article will help you decide which website best suits your needs as a writer.

Writing Dynamo

Do you want to get better grades on all of your writing essays and short stories in school? Do you want to blow away your scores on the writing section of the SAT, the GRE, and AP exams? Do you want to make an amazing first impression when filling out your college applications? Do you want to find your strengths in writing and identify your weak points that need help?

Writing Dynamo offers unlimited access to all of these grammar features for $34.99 for unlimited access for an entire year! "Writing Dynamo is great for students who need a better form of spell check than Microsoft Word. I love it because I have never been a very strong writer, and it is helpful knowing what parts of my work need improvement." - Leah, high school junior


Do you want instant proofreading available for your papers? Would you like to enhance your vocabulary usage with context-optimized suggestions? Do you want to avoid plagiarism by having automatic checking for originality and citation generators available to you? Grammarly is trusted by over 300,000 students from hundreds of universities worldwide.

Grammarly offers a free 7-day trial, but subscription prices are not listed until you sign up. Registering involves the use of a credit card, and each separate feature available on the website includes a separate fee. Grammarly does not offer a user-friendly homepage, due to its confusing set-up and its lack of visible pricing. The services offered are very misleading, and it is difficult to find out how much all the features will cost.

The Bottom Line

Although these websites are very similar in function and purpose, there are a few minor details that just may alter your opinion on which site you would like to use. Writing Dynamo offers a very easy homepage to search through. It is very user-friendly, and is up-front about everything you need to know when signing up for the services. Grammarly seems to put up a front and offer all of its services for no charge.

However, when you sign up you are required to register using a credit card, and you later find out that each feature the site offers comes at a separate fee. Grammarly is much more complicated to use and doesn't give all of its information in an easy-to-read manner. The website Writing Dynamo definitely takes the cake on this comparison, and it is definitely a website worth checking out if you are in need of proof-reading and grammar checks.

Writing Dynamo Update

As of March 2015, Writing Dynamo has been shut down.

 Grammar Checking Tools

Grammarly remains as one of the best grammar checking tools as it catches more grammar errors than other grammar checking tools. It is accurate and easy to use and easy integration with Word and online text boxes. Compared with other grammar checking tools, Grammarly will find more errors and offers good suggestions for fixing them.

Grammarly might not the best though for those that do not completely understand English or are just getting starting with writing.

Ginger is another grammar checking tool that is easy to use, but it does not find as many errors as Grammarly does and the suggestions to fix a sentence are not always easy to understand. Ginger is cheaper than Grammarly. You can use Ginger online for free.

Many online grammar checking tools are free to use online. Some of the programs also have more advanced versions for sale. Other grammar checking tools that you can check are:

Another benefit of using grammar checking tools, is that as you check your writings, you will also learn about grammar as you see your errors and learn from your mistakes.  

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Posted on May 28, 2012