GoToMyPC vs. LogMeIn vs. TeamViewer: Remote PC Access Solutions Compared

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GoToMyPC is a good app for beginners and those that want to choose exactly how much they pay per month. Alternatively, LogMeIn focuses on a browser approach that can be effective if you have the resources for it. LogMeIn offers a cheaper rate for 5 compu

Finding the Perfect Remote PC Access Software

In these days of wireless access and cloud computing, it pays to have a way to connect to your PC remotely. You never know when you’ll need to something such as finding a file or changing a setting on your PC when you aren’t there. Often times being able to do this when you’ve forgotten something while travelling or at work can be a real life saver.



The GoToMyPC is free to download in its various forms, including for Android, iPhone, and so on, though you’ll need a subscription to even try it. The pricing is at about $ 10 per month for a single computer. You can get deals if you register for the whole year, saving about 20 dollars per computer that way. Additional packages like for to packages like “GoToMyPC Pro” which is for administrators needing multiple computers. 



-Free 30 Day Trial

-Copy/Paste Between Computers-It’s amazing just how useful this is when you really need to get info from one computer to another quickly.

-Compatible with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android

-128-bit AES encryption

-Configure without restarting-Software that requires restart is always annoying so this is a plus.

-Full Experience (real time, sound, etc.)GoToMyPC has the advantage of letting you hear all of the sound coming from your remote computer. You can view all of the multiple monitors of the remote computer as well.

-Print Remotely

-Transfer files-This feature lets you easily switch files back and forth between computers, and even synchronize your folders between them.

-Remotely Lock Keyboard/Screen

-Interesting Mouse Icon Interphase-Most remote PC programs have a different approach to the interphase with the remote computer and GoTo is no exception. There’s a mouse icon you can click and hold that will let you control the mouse cursor on the remote PC.

GoTo Pros and Cons

Firewall- Some users complained of difficulties setting up the software because of the firewall. This is usually a simple matter of adding an exception though.

Variety of Features-The software has file transfer, folder sync, copy/paste and local printing options which cover a whole lot for one program. It’ remote sound is a plus as well.

Overall, the GoToMyPC was quite easy to use and setup, with the required subscription being the only real annoyance.


Logmein offers a variety of different services including “Rescue” which works through your browser for free. You can also use LogMeIn Pro which will give you up to 5 computers and additional features for $20 per month


-Free Version usable indefinitely

-256 bit SSL encryption

-Remote Print, File Transfer and Synchronization (Pro only)

-Turn on Computers Remotely through LAN connectivity

-Backup Your PC remotely

-Get Reports on Data and Network Usage

-Firefox Native

LogMeIn Pros and Cons

Can’t Beat Free- If you want to try out the basic version through your browser you can do this as long as you want. A lot of the features are locked down, but you’ll have plenty of time to decide if you like it enough to buy. The “Pro” version is pretty cheap as well, for just 20 USD per 5 computers, making it way ahead of others in terms of cost.

Light and Easy to Use- It doesn’t get much lighter than a browser-run program. Since you can’t always install software on whatever computer you’re using, Logmein can be a real advantage.

Browser Version Slow-The browser version can slow down your computer to a crawl if you have too many tabs open.

Team Viewer

Instead of monthly fees, Team Viewer has a one-time fee for purchasing the full Business version, which is $749. However, you can use the free version for personal, non-business use for as long as you want.


-Multi-Platform (Including Linux and Windows 8)

-Over 30 Language Options Included

-Run program without installation (with limited features)

-“Remote Control” gives temporary access to anyone with a simple number code.

-View connections easily in bottom right corner

-Pinch to Zoom

-Use the shortcuts for your OS-such as “Charms” and “Start” for Windows 8

-Share Video and Sound remotely

-Hold Meetings with up to 25 people and use browser for online presentations

-256 Bit Encryption

Team Viewer Pros/Cons

Easy Connections- Although it’s designed clearly with business in mind, users will find the Remote Control aspect on TeamViewer ideal for giving family members tech support. Any time a quick casual connection is needed this software is ideal. You can fix their computer even when they aren’t around!

Personal Use- Since it’s meant more for business, the sheer amount of options you get for free has impressed a lot of users.

Business Use-The cost may be rather high for many businesses that have other options for much cheaper. Users are split on this.

Mode Switch is Annoying- Going between file transfer, desktop, or other moves requires a log-off, which can be really annoying sometimes. 


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Posted on Nov 1, 2015
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