Gossip Girl Nate Archibald Style Clothing for Under $100

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Nate Archibald is a well-known character on the popular series Gossip Girl. His character dresses in a sophisticated, urban manner. If you’d like to pull off Nate Archibald style, you will find that his look is quite easy to pull off. For some advi

Nate has the image of a sexy boy next door, so he often wears more casual clothing than Chuck Bass. One of the key pieces he often wears is a plaid shirt. See the image below.

Generally you want to think Preppy rather than country when trying to replicate Nate’s plaid shirt looks. He often pairs a plaid shirt with a pair of dress slacks and nice shoes. He also always wears his hair styled in a purposeful manner. These elements keep his look sophisticated. Forever 21 is a good place to find men’s plaid shirts for a reasonable price. At present, they have several available for under $20. Check out the style shown below. It is called the Two-Tone Plaid Button Down and is $18.90. The model in this picture is shown wearing the style buttoned up to the neck, but you will notice that Nate often wears the top button of a shirt like this undone.

When it comes to office attire, Nate dresses in a slightly more sophisticated manner. He often wears shirts with a subtle print and slightly bolder looking tie. For example, check out the combination he is wearing in the image below.

Well priced ties can also be found at Forever 21 in the men’s collection. The Asymmetrical Stripe Tie, pictured below will only see you $8.90 out of pocket.

Also note that Nate is shown wearing cuff links with his shirt. Shirts that require cuff links, tend to be in the more expensive price bracket as they feature double cuffs and buttonholes to support the cuff links. So you will probably need to invest a little more money into this kind of item. Nordstrom has a good range of shirts that require cuff links. For example check out the English Laundry Trim Fit Dress Shirt, below. It is around the $98.50 and comes in both regular and big men’s sizing.

You will also find a great selection of cuff links at Nordstrom. Several are priced at $50 or less.

One of Nate’s other looks is a sweater worn over a shirt as shown below. Forever 21 offers a Crew Neck sweater for $22.90, shown below. This style comes in three colors and can be machine washed making it easy to care for.

Try wearing this sweater with a long sleeve button down shirt and a nice pair of jeans and you will have a very Nate Archibald look.