Gossip Girl Fashion: How to Look Like Dan Humphrey

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Gossip Girl is a fictional series about a group of well to do youths in New York City. The show first aired in 2007 and has followed the stars from their high school years, through to their lives after college. Each character on the show has an individua

Daniel Humphrey, routinely called Dan by all who know him, is played by Penn Badgley. When we are first introduced to Dan he is a scholarship student at an elite school. He mingles with wealthy and often spoilt teens that live on the Upper East Side, but then goes home to Brooklyn and a much more middle class life. Over time he comes into more wealth, but he generally still sticks to his Brooklyn roots.

Let’s take a look at Dan’s fashion sense and how to look like him.

Four key Dan Humphrey looks:

1. Check shirts

Dan wears lots of check shirts which help give him a more down town feel. Try a check shirt with jeans for an instant Dan look.

2. Vests

Dan has worn lots of vests throughout the Gossip Girl series. He wears them more casually with a collared shirt, or over a t-shirt, and also wears them as part of a suit for formal occasions. His character also wears them at one point when he is cater waiting for money. Experiment with vests in the way you like to wear them.

3. A t-shirt under a suit jacket

Dan often has a slightly more casual look then some of the stars on Gossip Girl like Chuck Bass. As such he sometimes wears a t-shirt under a suit jacket, rather than a collared shirt or three piece suit.

4. Evolving hair

Dan has worked many different hairstyles throughout the seasons of Gossip Girl. Three of his key looks include; closely shaved, short and spiked and long and unruly.  He wears his hair closely shaved when he is a studious high school student, with the number one priority of getting into a particular college. See the picture below.

When he begins to have more of a social life and wants to appeal to girls (namely Serena Van Der Woodsen) he starts caring more about his image and therefore changes his hairstyle to a cooler spiked style. See the image below.

As time progresses and Dan commits to wanting to be a writer he lets his hair grow longer and more unruly. This reflects his creative side. He is also love-struck during this time, but it is an unrequited love and this style also works well with his sometimes melancholy moods. See the picture below.

Consider changing your hairstyle to suit your mood and lifestyle, or pick one of Dan’s styles that best suits you. 

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Image credit for above images: screen grabs from the show.

Image credit for New York picture: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/679685


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