Good Friendship Can Bolster the Immune System and Reduce the Risk of Diseases

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When it comes to friends, quality matters more than quantity. Just one good friend may provide all the support you need. According to a study, people with strong ties to family, colleagues, friends and community had significantly longer average life spa

According to US research, friendship is as important to keeping healthy as eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise.  Researchers believe it can bolster the immune system and reduce the risk of diseases like colds, flu and even heart disease.

A study of mature women found that those with close connections had, on average, blood pressure as low as that of considerably younger women.  Far lower than those who are single.  While there is no proof that having nurturing friendship lowers blood pressure, the study has prompted researchers to explore the idea that the quality of social relationships is a factor in how fast you age.

When it comes to friends, quality matters than quantity.  Just one good friend may provide all the support you need.  A study at the University of Michigan discovered that people with strong ties to family, colleagues, friends and community had a significantly longer average life span than isolated individuals.  They concluded that a lack of supportive relationships may be almost as detrimental to your health as high risk factors like obesity and smoking.

A study at Ohio State University in Columbus found that when medical students with no close friends felt stressed out, they had lower levels of natural killer-cell activity than socially content students did.

What is a friend

Many women admit that their female friends have given them the most pleasure in their lives.  After marriage, it often surprises them to discover how much they still like to be together, even when they are lucky enough to have all the more traditional sources of satisfaction.  Although they may hesitate to admit it, friends often give each other some of the pleasures which they originally hoped to find in their marriage.  Friends are great at the little things which mean a lot- giving presents for no reason, and remembering birthdays or sending greetings cards on Christmas -those small empathetic actions whose significance men often cannot understand.

Good friendship brings joy, warmth, empathy and fun, the freedom to be yourself, and the doubling of other pleasures when they are shared.  A renowned author warned her readers never to trust a woman who was out of touch with her family.  In the same way, you hesitate to trust a woman with no old friends.

Long time friends

A friendship of twenty years or more is a wonderfully empowering area.  With an old friend you can be more authentic than with anyone else.  You probably know everything there is to know about each other, there is no need for pretence, or explanation.  Instead, you have the crazy memories, deep understanding and shared experiences.  A long time friends can stop you taking the wrong job or marrying the wrong man instead, because they know your dreams, they can give you the confidence to find what you really want.  If old friendship are wonderful, new friendships are thrilling, not least because for many of us they are pleasure we were not expecting to have.

The gift of friendship has many elements, but loyalty is vital.  Friends share each other's most precious secrets, but disclosure is also an art.  You have to depend your friends when people gossip about them. 

Long friendship are like jewels, polished over time to to become beautiful and enduring, can last a lifetime and keep you healthy.

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so often i sit and think

about the way things were-

the joy we all had

and the times of just being together...

of course there were some days,

times we wondered how we made it,

but our friendship helped us through

now we may be separated

but the bond is still there

friendship holds us through.


                          Brayfield, Celia, "Why We Need Friends."  Woman's home companion 22 Sept. 99


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