Golf18 Network vs Player's Pass vs Golf Course Member Passes Compared

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Golf 18 is one of the best options for price. This is partly because you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use the site. The service also has one of the widest selections. Player’s Pass is the most expensive, but it does offer many membership benefit

If you’re someone who likes to play a lot of gold on a lot of different courses throughout the country or just on a lot of courses nearby, you can buy some golf course member passes that can help you have money on this for added convenience. Here are a few examples compared.

Golf18 Network

Golf18 has 2035 courses available in all 50 states in the union. This is the largest selection on the Internet, according to the site.


  • Largest Collection of Courses Online-The site has a course in every state in America and even some in Canada. This is going to give you a huge selection to choose from no matter where you are.
  • 100% Weather Refund-If you go to a course and its shut down for the day due to a weather issue like lightning or excessive rain or anything else, you can get all of your money back from the online service.
  • Simple Online Booking-You can find the courses you want and book them right through the front page of the site by entering the zip code you’re looking for and then hitting the orange “search” button. After you find a course, you can also click on “View Tee Times” to check to see if the hours work for you.
  • 110% Price Match Guarantee-If you find the exact same deal somewhere else for less, the site will actually pay you instead. It has to be the regular price and the same in every way, however.  You get credit only this way, you have to use it on the site.


Player’s Pass

Player’s Pass may not have quite the largest selection online, but they do have more than 2000 courses available. They have more than 100,000 members according to their site. You can also do a search right from the bottom right corner of the main site where it says “participating courses.”


  • Up to 70%, Off for Monthly Subscription-You pay a monthly subscription to get 70% off of various tee times.
  • Member Discounts on Accessories-Once you pay the membership fee, you can use it to get savings on shirts, training courses, and other stuff from the partners of Player’s Pass.
  • Limited Blackouts-The site claims that it limits how many blackout dates it uses. This is why it includes also claims to have the largest course selection in America, but they don’t say exactly how many they have.


  • Hole in One Recognition-You can email your hole in one story to the site and they’ll actually give you a certificate. If you click on the “Hole-in-ones” menu option at the top of the site, you can see a full listings of people who got hole in ones, where they were, who witnessed it, how far it was, what course it was, and even what golf ball and iron they were using.
  • Rental Car Discounts-If you get a membership for the year, you’ll also get discounts on rental cars from places like Alamo. This is useful if you’re flying out to different places on vacation and plan to go golfing while you’re there. A rental car makes sense in this situation, especially if you’re going to travel to multiple golf courses throughout the season.
  • Filter for Courses-Under the “Courses” menu part on the site, you can filter them by “New courses,” “Featured Courses,” “Stay and Play,” or just “2015 Directory.” This can make it easier to find the exact course that you want quickly without having to hunt around a lot for courses that match your particular criteria for golf.


Head to Head


Golf18 allows you to print out your confirmation. They have bank-level encryption to keep your data safe online. You get half off on many courses through online booking as well. The service also claims a “best price guarantee” through last minute scheduling. This does mean that you may have to jump on the deals as they pop-up. In addition, the guarantee includes a “110%” price matching, which means they site will actually pay you if you find a lower price elsewhere.

Player’s Pass lets you search based on zip code. The search results do show you how many tee times that are available for the different nearby courses, however. You can’t book online unless you’re logged in and paying as a member, though, which is also less convenient than Golf 18.

Golf Card is a site that has some unique perks like showing off your hole in ones to everyone in the world on their dedicated page. You can have all your friends check it out. It tends to be a good social site for this reason. The service also puts out an eNewsletter that lends credence to this opinion as well.

Overall, Gold18 is a bit different because you only pay per booking, there doesn’t appear to  be a monthly fee. You can also look at the various times and choose one that gives you the most off, and you can do this without having to sign in or buy a subscription plan. You do have to come up with a login when you actually book, but it’s easy and doesn’t cost anything.


An example of pricing on Golf 18 is the Bay Pointe Club in Massachusetts which you can play for $29 during the warmer months.  This is over $20 off the normal price. The booking price is usually around $2 or a little under.

Player’s Pass costs $99 for a year-long membership. If you wanted to go to Bay Pointe in Buzzard’s Bay in MA, you’d pay the full price of $52 or whatever it is at the time. charges $59 for a year-long membership, so it’s definitely cheaper than Player’s Pass.

Overall, Golf 18 is the cheapest because it charges the least for membership, namely nothing. They seem to have some of the best discounts, although, they don’t give you any other kind of advantage since you aren’t actually technically buying a membership card.