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Repurpose: Turn an Old Door into a Folding Table

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Turn an old door into a new folding table with these easy steps.
Are you having problems deciding where you are going to seat everyone at your event? From Thanksgiving to summertime fun we all sometimes need an extra table. Folding tables are great because they are sturdy enough to hold lots of food but can be folded for easy storage. If you have a spare door from a previous home project (or a very sturdy piece of wood) then your seating problem is solved. So how do you turn a door into a table? Read on to learn how-to do just that.

If you don't have a door (piece of wood) you may be able to buy one at a thrift shop for only a few dollars. When examining the door, you want to make sure that it is solid. Hollow or very lightweight doors are not acceptable. Particle board won't work either. These won't hold up to the rigors of even occasional use. The legs that you attach won't screw in properly. You'll have a disaster on your hands instead of a useable table. Look for a door that is solid even if it is heavy to lift.

Check the door to be sure that it is free of broken areas or large cracks. Light surface cracks are ok. Discard anything that has cracks running the length of the door or all the way through it just as you would a piece of wood.  Cover the hole where the doorknob fits with a small piece of scrap wood if desired.

Determining that the door is solid enough for your needs takes only a few minutes. Once this is accomplished you are ready for the legs.

Banquet table legs can be picked up at any home improvement store and at most hardware stores. At the time of this writing they run less than $20. Since the average cost to buy a new 6ft table in our area is over $70 this is a real bargain. Plus, you are keeping something out a landfill and saving the environment. This makes it the perfect green project and a win-win for all.

Installing the legs onto the door is simple.  Lay the door face first on a wide flat surface. Measure the length of the table into fourths. Place one table leg and one 1/4 mark and the other table leg on the 3/4 mark. Follow the directions on the package to install the table legs. 

Turn the door (now table) on its side and unfold the legs. To check the sturdiness of the table stand it upright on the legs and push against it. The table should not wobble. If it does, you may need to tighten the legs. 

Once you are sure that it is sturdy, you are ready to paint the table or apply a moistureproof seal on every surface. This will help keep the table in good shape and ready for years of use. It's an ideal inexpensive table for parties, family gatherings and yard sales.


Posted on Feb 15, 2010
Posted on Feb 15, 2010
Jerry Walch
Posted on Oct 19, 2009

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