Glyde vs Gazelle vs BuyBackWorld vs uSell: Electronics Trading Sites Compared

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Glyde has extra options like being paid in bitcoins and getting full insurance. Gazelle gives you the 30-point inspection for anything you purchase and even a referral program along with their bulk sales option. BuyBackWorld focuses on purchasing your ite

Technology buying and selling sites can really help you become more efficient with your gadgets. You can buy the tech you want for much cheaper, and even recycle them after you’re done playing in order to buy more tech.


Glyde lets you sell games, iPad, iPhones and other tech-related items as well. It has a clear site that’s easy to use. You simply hit “buy” on the left or “sell” on the right to go to the part of the site that pertains to you.


  • Variety of Potential Trades-The site lets you trade iPads, iPhones, Tablets, MacBooks, Samsung Phones and other types of phones, You can even sell broken phones for something to get something back from them.  It’s possible to trade video games on the site too as well as devices like an iPod or a laptop.
  • Buy Unlocked Phones-If you don’t want to unlock your phone, you can just buy the phone unlocked since that’s one of the options right on the main site.
  • Pre-stamped and Insured Packaging-The packaging you get for sending in your shipment is pre-stamped and it even comes with full insurance and tracking.
  • Bitcoins-You can even get paid in Bitcoins if you want. This should be something you can select when you go to checkout. Otherwise, you just get a check in the mail if you sell your gadget.



Gazelle is a market for trading gadgets for cash, including for cash. They have a referral program and an easy to use website.


  • Refer a Friend for $10-If you refer a friend and they make a purchase or do a trade-in, then you can get $10 for each referral. They will get $10 as well. If you click on their "refer a friend" section, you’ll see an email form for doing this.
  • A+ BBB Rating-There’s a link for the Better Business Bureau in the bottom right corner of the site, and you can click on it to confirm Gazelle’s official rating. They have an A+, which means that they generally handle complaints very well.
  • GlobalSign and ETrust Security-The site uses both of these services to make sure your internet connection to them remains secure.

BuyBack World

The focus on BuyBackWorld appears to be on selling. You can also look at the page where you can buy stuff, but you have to click on the “Buy from BuyBackWorld” link in green at the top right of the main page if you want to do this.


  • Buy and Sell Gift Cards-One unique feature for BuyBack World is that you can click on the “sell gift cards” to pick what gift cards you have in order to get cash for them.
  • Headphones, Speakers, and Others Available to Sell-You can sell many gadget types outside of just phones including media players, cameras, wearable tech like smart watches, home automation gadgets, headphones, lenses and there’s even a link that just says “everything else.”
  • 30-day Guarantee- You’re guaranteed for any purchase for up to 30 days after completing the transaction.


The uSell site has had over 400,000 customers cash in for more than $42 million. It’s an active site reviewed by Forbes, ABC, NBC and The New York Times.


  • Free Shipping-You can trade your electronics and phones through the mail for free on the site if you want.
  • 30-Day Price Guarantee-The price will remain static for 30-days after you get an offer.
  • Sell Textbooks-You can even sell your used textbooks on the site you want. There’s a section of this towards the midway down the main page.
  • Quick Link to Sell Any Phone-If you don’t have an iPhone, which appears to be a focus on the site, just click on “Sell any phone,” which is a big link right on the main page, to get a quote for your phone.

Head to Head


An example of pricing on the Glyde site is that you can sell an Apple iPhone 6 for Verizon with 128 GB for $340 in good condition. The site will take about $50 putting $286 or so in your pocket. The more broken it is, the less it will sell for. You can elect to sell this for more or less, which takes the chance it will sell slower. You can buy other Apple iPhones for as cheap as $17.

An Apple iPhone 6 in ‘flawless’ condition from Gazelle will net $220.

If you want to sell the same iPhone 6 on BuyBack World, you’ll get $221 from the site if the phone is in “Excellent” condition.

The best offer for the Apple iPhone 6 on uSell was $218.16 cents. The site matches you up with sellers, and it actually produced 5 or 6 different offers so that you could choose. This was for a “good” rating. There was no “excellent” rating for uSell the way there is for BuyBack World. It’s either “damaged,” “good,” or “flawless.”

For the sake of this test anyway, Glyde has the best price for selling by far.

Prices with cell phones can change rapidly, so check with each company often.


Glyde gives you pre-stamped packaging to help you ship your phone. This comes with full insurance and tracking as well.

Gazelle has a 30-point inspection and 30-day returns. They have more security features than Glyde and offer you money directly. This is an advantage if you’re in a hurry or if you want to run a business and not wait for sales.

BuyBackWorld is more like Gazelle than Glyde in that you can get “instant cash” for items you want to sell rather than just waiting for someone else to buy it. You can also sell some poor or broken phones as well, though Glyde appears to have many more options for phones and other devices that you can sell broken. In order to rate an “excellent” on BuyBackWorld, you have to have only “very light” signs of wear with 100% functionality.

The uSell site is a bit more barebones than the rest, and it doesn’t appear to offer as many items for trade, beyond textbooks in addition to the usual phones.