Giving Birth in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

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Giving birth in dreams can represent new ideas and experiences, or even a culmination of efforts that have come to fruition. Learn common interpretations of what it means to give birth or participate in a birthing process in a dream.

Typically more women than men dream about giving birth although it's not uncommon for men to dream about being part of a birth or delivery. Listed below are common interpretations to what it means to dream of giving birth.

First Hand Experience

Considering we're referring to human birth, to dream of being the one who is giving birth can bring on a whole list of experiences that pertain to particular messages that are shown to us in the dream. Especially if the dreamer is not currently pregnant, giving birth can represent a couple things to the dreamer.

  1. A New Beginning: Giving birth represents a final climax to a culmination of events, ideas or change. Whether it's a new business, relationship or adventure, this can become a signal to the dreamer that their efforts are coming to fruition. New beginnings are happening. If the birth is painful then we can see it as a painful experience that has reached a conclusion or climax. We have given birth to something that at first was painful, but worth the steps to get there. If it isn't painful, then this can represent a pain free process that also has been worth the steps to get there.
  2. Purging of Old Patterns Similar to new beginnings, this can also represent a purging of old beliefs, patterns and systems that the dreamer has outgrown. It can also represent that the dreamer has reproduced a version of themselves in something else, an offspring that has shown potential to help others embrace new ways of thinking.

Second Hand Experience

Whether it is a man or woman who is the dreamer, being the observer or even participant in a birth taking place through someone else in the dream can represent cooperative efforts to bring something to fruition. This shows teamwork and working together. Depending on the nature of the birth and how involved the dreamer is, this will give indication on how the situation will take off or begin. This can also represent a culmination of group efforts and how teamwork has created a next step in the process; giving birth to the next step. In business sense, this can also represent a second company that has branched off from the main company, or a business venture that has accrued a partner or new teammate.


Being part of watching animals give birth can be really exciting because it blends the traditional interpretation with animal medicine. Depending on what type of animal it is that is giving birth, it will enhance and direct the interpretation. Learning what the strengths, weaknesses and behaviors are for that animal will give more detailed descriptions of what is taking place in the dreamer's life. Some animals I have written about in previous dream interpretation articles are Fish, Cougars, Bats and Dogs.


Taking into consideration the account of actual life experiences being expressed in the dream state, some dreams of giving birth are related more to a literal situation than symbolic one. Some people who experience miscarriage or the loss of child may have dreams of giving birth as a way for the subconscious self to heal from and work with the experience as a healing tool from grief.

Lifeless Babies

There are times in which someone will dream of giving birth to a dead child. In this situation, it is often something to take note on as a project, situation or even relationship that had begun but dies out or fails. Depending on the pain or urgency associated with this situation, the dream can illustrate stressful conditions surrounding the proverbial death.

In rare instances, this type of dream can actually be precognitive, although that is not always the case.


In dreams where someone is giving birth to a creature, say, a creature that is violent, alien-like or gross to look at, this can be a warning sent to the dreamer to be careful of what one attaches to or gives life to; it may not be beneficial and in fact can breed grief or despair that is not unwanted. This can also represent a foreign concept or idea that is not productive but has been given energy of creation and acceleration.

If the creature is pleasurable or beautiful to look at and hold, this can also represent a foreign concept or idea that breeds positive results. This can also represent foreigners from other nations or something that would be unfamiliar.

Other dreams that could have a literal interpretation are precognitive dreams in which either the direct person or a friend or family member dreams of seeing a loved one give birth, when at a later time they discover there is a new pregnancy and child on the way.

As with all dreams, it is best to record and write down the dream so that a full detailed interpretation can be made to provide insights into our daily lives.

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