Gibraltar Pools: The On-Ground Pool of Choice in New England

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Gibraltar Pools has been building on-ground pools for New England families for more than a quarter of a century. If the pool bears the name Gibraltar you can be assured that it is a time tested product that has proved itself over many harsh New England winters without any kind of failure or collapse due to extreme weather conditions. And today weather is a major concern on any out door product, especially on-ground swimming pools in the Northeast. Gibraltar Pools has been under the same family ownership over all its years of operation, and today the same folks are still at the helm assuring homeowners the same quality product and craftsmanship that has made the Gibraltar on-ground swimming pool the #1 selling Swimming Pool in New England.


The rectangular design of a Gibraltar Pool is the result of a design that first appeared more than a half century ago that filled the need for a rectangular on-ground swimming pool. The first of its kind was a wooden pool (looked like red wood) made of marine plywood walls set in an I-Beam foundation with wooden decks. That pool was a big hit and thousands were sold. Of course, the wood was the problem with the pool, and eventually other materials were used in an attempt to give the rectangular pool a longer life. In comparing the Gibraltar on-ground Pool to other Pools both the round and oval pools are not taken into consideration in this comparison.

In this comparison one of the essential elements for a swimming pool must be an adequate filtration system. None of the on-ground round or oval swimming pools usually found in seasonal pool stores such as "Namco" have adequate filtration systems, even though these pools can often retail in the $10,000 price range. Still further, other Round and oval pools usually sold as "premium pools" in a price range that sometimes reaches the $20,000 level are also not considered because of a lack of adequate and proper filtration. All round and oval pools made with rolled aluminum or steel walls are from designs and technology of more than fifty years ago without any changes, and more important, no real thought to providing a clean and healthy pool for family swimming.


The rolled wall on-ground swimming pool only employs a skimmer for filtration because the basic design does not allow a bottom drain, and without a bottom drain a swimming pool cannot have proper filtration. A skimmer can only do what it is designed to do, and that is to skim the surface of the pool water - and nothing else. Still, most companies engaged in the sale of these pools attempt to cover-up the fact that the pool does not have adequate filtration by attaching heavy duty, high velocity filters to the skimmer to fool the unsuspecting buyer into believing that the round or oval swimming pool does, in deed, have proper filtration. As stated, the skimmer can only skim, and when you attach a high powered filter to it, the water in the pool will begin to rotate and actually drive all the particles and bacteria to the bottom of the pool far away from the reach of the skimmer located at the top of the pool. This is fact, and why a skimmer is not capable of proper filtration. Proper filtration can only be accomplished by bottom drains.


A Gibraltar Pool, of course, has adequate and proper filtration for good clean and healthy family fun. Gibraltar actually includes two bottom drains in addition to its skimmer. The two bottom drains work so well that it allows Gibraltar to sell their pool as a self cleaning pool. Most other on-ground rectangular pools do not include two bottom drains. Proper filtration, as important as it is, is still only one aspect of a top performing high end on-ground swimming pool. The Gibraltar Pool takes on the name of the famous Rock for good reason because it is strong and tough enough to withstand even the harsh New England weather without any sign of wear and tear after many stormy winters. In New England where temperature changes can vary considerably, only the steel walls of a Gibraltar Pool have proven to be the match for New England winters.

Other rectangular pools have tried to overcome the winters with walls not made of steel, and, for the most part, have failed. The expansion and contraction of the water left in a pool during winter causes havoc on all other walls not made of steel. Other manufacturers have tried plastic walls (or resin) with little or no success, even after building-in expansion systems to alleviate the pressure on the pool walls. In exasperation these manufacturers are now offering replacement walls when a pool fails or collapses after a brutal New England winter. Gibraltar's interlocking steel walls are impervious to expansion and contraction, and have no reason for a built-in expansion system or replacement walls because Gibraltar walls have never failed.


In Conclusion, The Gibraltar Pool has been the on-ground swimming pool choice for New England families for many years, and when you examine the Gibraltar up close and personal, it's easy to understand why so many families choose a Gibraltar Pool over all others.



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Robert Johnson
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