The best ways to get traffic for a blog

Updated January 19, 2011

Getting traffic to a blog is not easy as it needs lot of hard work and  knowledge . There are many bloggers who are working hard but  are failing to get good traffic .If one wants to get traffic then one should not only work hard but try to use all the best ways to get traffic.

Some tips that will help you to get traffic are as follows

1.   Build backlinks  - If one wants to get success from blogging then one will need to build backlinks.Building backlinks will need one to do lot of hard work and it will need one to spend lot of time .Backlinks can be build easily by commenting on other blogs ,through forum signatures and article marketing .If  the blog has lot of backlinks then the blog will keep on getting traffic for years.

2. Update content and bookmark it -  Getting traffic is not easy If one only updates content on the blog but if one bookmarks the new content on the blog then one will get success pretty fast. Bookmarking sites are helpful  in getting instant traffic. Bookmarking helps to get fast traffic and it also helps to get backlinks . Bookmarking sites are very useful in making a blog popular.

3. Promote your blog through social networking sites - An another way that can help one to get lot of traffic very fast will be through social networking sites like facebook and twitter . People are doing marketing of their sites and blogs through social networking sites and are able to get lot of success .Such sites have lot of users and thats why this can be called as the best way to promote any blog .

4. Using  google adwords to get traffic - If one is ready to spend money to promote his blog then google adwords can be right option for him .Google adwords will help one to get targeted and quality traffic very fast and it will also make his blog popular worldwide or in a particular country. Bloggers who are earning lot of money prefer to use adwords to promote their blog and get huge success.

5. Submit your blog to directories - Directories can help a blogger to get backlinks and also traffic .There are thousands of directories but if one wants to get traffic then he should submit in those directories which have good page rank .Some directories offer free submission but some directories charge few dollars for listing the site in the directory and thats one should be ready to invest few dollars for listing his blog in such paid directories.

 Getting traffic to a blog is not easy but if one uses all such best ways and keeps working hard then soon his blog will get lot of traffic and become popular .