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Getting Married the Economical Way

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economical marriage

"To have and to hold, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do we part" ...These words are the traditional marriage vows preferred by most. But before a couple can say these to each other, there are so many things to do first before reaching that part where they will be united as husband and wife. And these things need careful planning and effective strategy to ensure a 100% success of their big wedding day. From where the wedding will take place, down to the minute details of the wedding souvenirs, every couple who plans to walk down the aisle needs a lot of patience and diligence in creating a well-planned wedding.

There are couples who can afford and decide on hiring a wedding planner. But these professionals offer highly-sophisticated services, and thus, these services do not come cheap. So, for those couples who prefer to go the other route of having their wedding the economical way, resourcefulness is a key ingredient in attaining a successful but less-costly wedding.

There are major several aspects of the wedding that can make it more expensive than it should be. The number of guests invited: A couple may limit their list of guests by narrowing it down to the closest of friends and relatives. It is very important for a couple to both agree if they are going to have an intimate wedding or a large one that can accommodate a lot of people. A large number of guests will cost a lot as compared to that of just a few guests. The food: Wedding receptions are generally expensive. Most weddings depend on caterers to create the most wonderful reception that will leave a positive impression on the guests. Unfortunately, catering services do not come cheap. Elegant food is equivalent to high cost. So, for those couple on a strict wedding budget, it is important to consider what time of the day they would like to have their reception. Some couples prefer to have a brunch reception usually from 10am to 11am, whether done at the restaurant or at home. Compared to evening receptions, brunch receptions are more affordable. For one thing, alcoholic beverages play a large part in the wedding reception budget. So, guests would most probably avoid drinking at that time of the day. If at all, wine and champagne may be the only alcoholic beverages served. Wedding clothing: Every bride wants to shine as radiant as possible on her wedding day. Everything has to be perfect especially the wedding dress. But some wedding dresses can cost as high as $1 billion dollars. Fortunately, there are wedding dresses that are affordable and made from good quality material. A bride only needs to invest a considerable amount of time and the patience to look for that perfect and yet affordable dress. There are discount stores that offer traditional wedding dresses as low as $100. And there are also shops that offer non-traditional wedding dresses at an affordable price. The groom and the groomsmen, on the other hand, can rent their tuxedos, which is much more affordable, instead of buying a new one.

Getting married need not be so expensive that the joy and excitement of the upcoming marriage vows will be dimmed by unnecessary worries. There are so many alternative ways available on the market that a couple can take advantage of. There is also a wealth of information on the internet that a couple can use to go through with a wedding that need not be expensive. Wedding days should be free from any stress or worries. That is why, it is necessary for a couple to carefully plan everything up to the minute details. Time is also of the essence. The time to check every possible avenue to lessen the cost of having a wedding. Wedding days need not have a high price tag but rather, be days remembered with a smile.


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