Geico vs Progressive vs Mercury Insurance vs MetLife: Auto Insurance Companies Compared

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Geico has some of the lowest prices overall, though MetLife has low prices when it comes to those who have a clean record. Mercury Insurance has some of the best bundles and they also have a lot of articles that can help you find insurance for a teen. Pro

It pays to do your research when it comes to auto insurance since there are so many different factors to consider. Here’s a quick comparison between some major auto insurance companies so you can get cracking on computing those factors.


Geico is more than just an insurance company with a gecko for a spokesperson. It has extensive insurance options both within the auto category and without it.


  • Intuitive Controls-You can get to where you want to go quickly on Geico, with little circles containing icons for the type of insurance you want.
  • MultiPolicy Discounts-If you take out more than one policy, you can save up to 15% or more on your car insurance package overall.
  • 800 Groups That Get Discounts-Geico offers discounts to 800 groups including recreational organizations, military and federal organizations, fraternities, military organizations, and many others.


Progressive is the number four insurance provider for cars, which means that they don’t always win the pricing competition. However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t many features that can make Progressive work.


  • Wide Car Type Availability-Progressive will cover just about anything, so if you’re having trouble finding coverage for your car, they could be worth a look.
  • Name Your Price-This feature comes and goes, but it will allow you to find something within your budget while it’s on. And at the least, you can click on “quote” from the main page in order to get right to inputting your info and finding out what they have.
  • Request a Call-This option is available at the bottom of the page if you don’t want to wait on hold.

Mercury Insurance


Mercury Insurance has high ratings from A.M. Best and some reviews sites largely because you have other options besides just car insurance.


  • Insurance Type Combos-In addition to car insurance, you can get renters and homeowners insurance as well.
  • Wide Base of Information-There are a lot of articles and blog entries on the site that can help you understand what to get, such as advice for teens, for example.
  • Strong Financial Strength Rating-This is “A+” from A.M. Best. Overall, this isn’t the absolute best you can get, but it is a very high rating.


MetLife gets a solid rating from A.M. Best and they got positive reviews from Fortune in the year 2016.


  • Deep Discounts for No Incidents-If you have a totally clean record, MetLife is often one of the best options since they go lower than many other sites in making sure they get you on board.
  • Knowledgeable Agents-It can be frustrating to talk to an agent from overseas that knows next to nothing about the policies. MetLife doesn’t have this problem, according to some reviews online. They agents can be a bit aggressive though, apparently.
  • Quick Bundling-Sometimes, you want to just get going with bundles for life insurance, home insurance, and car insurance real quick, and MetLife has you covered here.

Head to Head


You get 24-hour service with Geico and many different money-saving discounts, including for the military, colleges, educational groups, fraternities and many others, adding up to more than 800. They get a top financial rating of A++ from A.M. Best, so you know that they’re a solid company to go to in general. The claim handling is down to 48 hours, according to the site.

Progressive has a lot of unique features apart from the other options like being able to name your price, get concierge service, use an auto-quote tool, and find a long list of car types. This makes the company quite a bit more user-friendly for beginners than many other places, like Geico. You can get everything taken care of going from repairs to getting a rental car and just about everything else through concierge service after an accident claim, for example.

Mercury Insurance has an A+ rating from A.M. Best, which is obviously quite good, but it is less than what Geico gets by a plus. They have a lot of articles about getting insurance, including many such blogs about helping out teens. They have insurance combination options like what Geico has so that you can get renters or homeowners insurance too. Progressive seems to have this less.

MetLife also has an A+ rating from A.M. Best, like Mercury, but less than what Geico gets in terms of financial strength. The site is also known for having strong options if you have no incidents.

Reviews and Pricing

Geico has had an underwhelming response about their customer service options. They mostly don’t stand out here. However, many reviewers say that they have some of the most competitive rates around, so this is a good approach if you just want to find the best rate.

Progressive has average pricing, which means that Geico is often going to give you a better rate depending on your particular situation. This is likely partly because Geico has so many groups that get discounts.

Mercury Insurance undeniably has a mixed bag when it comes to reviews with over 200 reviews on Consumer Affairs that average out to only 1 star out of 5. Other review sites give more like 3 out of 5, however. A big complaint for reviewers is that the coverage options aren’t wide enough to cover everything consumers want. The cost is generally rated as “moderate” from sites online. Basically, they are middle of the road, so bargain seeker should go elsewhere, especially if they want wide coverage for cars specifically.

MetLife gets positive reviews across many sites online with 3 stars and higher for most places. The reviews indicate that the agents there know what they’re talking about, but they can be unpleasant to deal with sometimes. There’s also some indication that canceling policies through the site can be difficult. Pricing is also middle of the road.

Overall, Geico is often seen to be the best for pure lowest rates, if you want to do the work to find them. Progressive is a strong option for those who want to click and forget. The others are all middle of the road for pricing.  

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Posted on Nov 15, 2016