GearBest vs AliExpress vs BangGood vs FastTech: Global Consumer Electronics Sites Compared

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GearBest has one of the best rewards programs around for those who plan to come back many times. AliExpress has one of the better refund guarantees. BangGood lets you combine savings deals together which makes them cumulative above many others. FastTech h

Consumer electronics come in a wide number of shapes and sizes and the sites that offer them are also just as varied. Here’s a review of a few such sites.



GearBest is known for having a lot of extras in their store.


  • Rewards Program-The points system on GearBest comes out to 50 points being equal to 1 U.S. Dollar. You can get free points for subscribing to newsletters, sharing emails, and other actions.
  • Free Extras-There are a number of free promotions on the site that come and go. An example is products that normally cost 99 cents are often offered for free with the right promotion.
  • Money Back Guarantee-This guarantee on the site is for 45 days. It counts for most items, though not all.


AliExpress is one of the largest global sellers for consumer electronics around, particularly known for having global product knockoffs of common American brands.


  • Global Shopping-The site goes through frequent global shopping festivals that give you extra savings such as $5 off just for signing up.
  • Easy to Scan Deals-One good thing about the deals on AliExpress is that you can scan through them quickly because of the time counter on each of the daily deals, for example. There’s also a lot of intuitive categorization going on.
  • Mobile App-You can scan the barcode on the site to get instant access to the express app in order to shop wherever you want.


PayPal appears to have a deal with BangGood to get exclusive deals through the site. This means that they are good to use together.


  • PayPal Discounts-If you use PayPal to make purchases, you can get up to 11% off of purchases on top of whatever discounts are already available on the site.
  • Easy Region Switching-You can switch your region from U.S. to anywhere else right under where it says “Ship to” at the top of product search pages.
  • Preorder Deals-The “preorder” link with the “hot” label at the top right corner of the menu on the main site will show you items including consumer electronics that you can purchase before they are released. This will often give you extra savings as well.


FastTech has quite a few useful features like their price drops and their free international shipping. These will appeal to those who need to make unusual purchases either in size or in location.


  • PayPal Credit-You can use this feature to get interest-free purchases over the course of 6 months as long as you pay it in full by then.
  • BitCoins-If you prefer different means of paying for things from the norm, FastTech will let you do that, allowing PayPal, JCB, Diner’s Card and Bitcoin.
  • Norton and Verisign Security-Click on either of these seals at the bottom of the FastTech page to verify the security of the site at any time if you’re worried about this.

Head to Head


An example of Pricing on GearBest includes the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 heart rate monitor which goes for just under $29 there. This is over a third cheaper than its standard price. Most items on the site are at least 33% off in the consumer electronics section.

AliExpress has frequent deals for the XIami Mi band 2, including often putting it on sale for just over $27 or so. This means that the best deal will really depend on when you buy between GearBest and AliExpress particularly. It will also depend on what country you’re in since a lot of these deals are U.S. only.

The Xiaomi band goes for $38 or so on Banggood, which is still 11% off, but this is definitely not as big a savings as you get on AliExpress or GearBest initially. However, BangGood could make you end up with bigger savings because of the combination of options including PayPal discounts on top of everything else.

FastTech has the same band for about $32.50, so it’s somewhere middle of the road in terms of pricing when compared to the other options. This appears to be true for the site in general. There are many reasons to shop here, but going for the extreme low side of the spectrum is not generally one of them.  


GearBest has a lot of freebies and extras. The site is definitely geared towards those who want to buy Chinese and knock-off products from overseas. This mix means you’ll get extras from their rewards program and from extra 99 cent items added on to orders. The warranty on the site is a repair type and lasts for a year. The general guarantee is for 45 days, and they also have a “dead on arrival” guarantee within 3 days that even comps you shipping.

AliExpress has a full refund guarantee that you’ll get your money if the order doesn’t arrive within the target window. This just frames the guarantee differently than the way it is with GearBest. They don’t really come across as radically different in terms of guarantees. There’s also an “if not as described” guarantee that gives you a partial refund. The refund policy is definitely more expansive for domestic refunds with AliExpress. So, you should pay attention to U.S. versus foreign purchases.

BangGood lets you preorder electronics like mini WiFi security cameras in order to get more savings. This means that if you add purchasing with PayPal with a Preorder sale, you can really combine the savings and get a ton off. In general, this has the possibility of getting you some of the best savings of the various options. bangGood has a 3-day return policy just like The GearBest DOA version.

FastTech has a 45-day return policy for any undamaged items, making them better in terms of not requiring a reason than places like GearBest during many circumstances. There are some provisions for this through the company, however. They can’t cost more than $100 per unit, for example. You also need all of the original packaging and you may have an issue if you wore anything.