Gazelle vs MaxBack vs uSell: iPhone Trade-In Services Compared

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Gazelle has the easiest to use interface of the three so it’s the best for those who want to avoid any aggravation navigating screens. Maxback has an emphasis on speed with their FastPay and PriceLock features. It’s effective for those who want to sel

Considering how quickly new iPhone’s come out, it can often be a problem when you need to save up for the next and most up to date smart phone. One way to do this is to trade-in your iPhone. Generally you have to send in the phone and then wait for the company to tell you what they think the quality of the device is before you get the money for it. Here are a few iPhone trade-in services and how they compare to each other.


Gazelle has a simple interface that makes trade-ins quick and easy.


  • Free Shipping-Gazelle will pay for shipping your iPhone out to them so everything you get from them is profit.
  • $10 Refer a Friend Program-If you get a friend to sell a gadget to Gazelle, then you get $10.
  • A+ BBB Rating-Gazelle has been officially accredited by the Better Business Rating and received a high rating from them which shows that they deal well with customer complaints.
  • Trustwave Protected-This service verifies that your credit card and identify information remains secure during transactions.
  • Live Chat-The live chat option is available between 10 AM and 5 PM EST and you can use it to get help on any orders or questions you have about the service. There is also an email form option.
  • Wide Variety of Devices Accepted-As of August 2014, Gazelle accepts everything from iPhone 4 up to iPhone 5S. They will likely accept all new models of the iPhone as well. If you have other devices to sell like an iPad, Mac computer, or other smart phones , Android devices and other apple products.
  • Simple Intuitive Interface-You click on the selection for iPhone on the front page, hit the version of it you have, select the carrier, and then click on “Get Offer” next to how much memory it has. You then select “Broken,” “Good,” or “Flawless.” You then hit “Get Paid” and sign in to complete the transaction. It’s as simple as that and you don’t have to do a lot of hunting around to find menu options.



You can contact them at 1-855-MAXBACK. They are available between 830 and 5 every weekday.


  • Frequent Contests-Maxback has frequent contests. For example, the #Paybday contest allows you to tweet about Maxback in order to get entry into a contest to win an iPad Mini.
  • 20+ Tablets and Smartphones Exchangeable for Cash-This includes wearable tech as well as cellphones and tablets.
  • FastPay-This feature means that you can get money in your account in as quickly as 3 days. You can add in your details like when you plan to ship the device out and how into the FastPay calculator and get a response as to when you’ll be paid.
  • 30 Day Price Lock-This means that the quoted value of your price will stay that way as long as you ship the device within 30 days. Since the value of iPhones are always going down, this is a useful feature.
  • Live Chat-Maxback has operators available on live chat during the same business hours.
  • Date Wipes and Sim Card Removal-Maxback will thoroughly wipe the information on your phone before they sell it to someone else. It’s important to remove your SIM card before you send the device in, but Maxback will destroy it for you even if you don’t.
  • $5 Bonus for Printing Your Own Label-If you choose this option then you get a $5 bonus and you don’t have to wait for MaxPay to send you a shipping package in the mail first.
  • Ship for Free-Like most sites, you’ll get shipping package materials for free.



The company uSell has received more than 327,556 devices in its history. This has netted customers a total over 21.6 million dollars. The company will match you up with a relevant buyer.


  • Refer a Friend for $10 uSell also has the $10 referral program.
  • Customer Security Guaranteed with Norton- Norton uses SSL certificates to ensure that customer information remains secure.
  • Elite 9.67 Rating from Reseller Ratings-This was determine through over 1200 customer reviews for one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings Reseller Ratings Elite has to offer.
  • Diverse Variety of Products-If you have other things to sell, you can also sell textbooks, game consoles,  and video games on top of the usual smart phones and iPods.
  • Easy Order Tracking-The “track Order” option on the front page shows you exactly where your package is on its journey to uSell.
  • Free Shipping- You’ll get a package in the mail as is standard.

Head to Head

Support and Features

Gazelle has a live chat option but it’s buried pretty deep in the Help Center page and the hours are very limited. The interface is very intuitive and going from first time on the page to selling your iPhone will only take a scant minute or two.

Maxback focuses more on speed than anything else. The Live Chat is also hard to find on their site, and their interface is a bit more confusing as you have to click on the sell link and then wait for brand names to come up.

The uSell support system appears to lack a Live Chat option. Instead it appears you have to ask questions through email. It has many of the other same features however, like free shipping.


As of early August 2014, Gazelle has an offer for Apple iPhone 5S with 16 GB from Verizon that’s in good working for around $310.

The same device in the same condition will get you $326 or so from Maxback. Maxback pays a bit better than Gazelle for each condition. One big difference though is that Gazelle says they will pay $100 more than Maxback for devices that just appear completely broken such as those that won’t power on.

At uSell, the same iPhone received an offer of $316 at the same rating. For some reason the flawless and good ratings were exactly the same, so it’s hard to get top price at uSell for flawless devices. However, the company does offer $193 for phones that don’t power on, which is the highest out of the three.

If you want top price for flawless phones you should go with Maxback. If you want top price for a phone that’s intact but non-functional, then uSell is the way to go.

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