Garlic and Lemon for Heart and Artery Health

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Simple recipe offers help to clogged arteries. Lemon and garlic for heart health

The story goes that, well over a decade ago, a German woman was found to have a dangerous heart condition. She was scheduled to have heart surgery at the famed Erlangen Clinic in Nuremberg, Germany. Having heard of her condition and the fear of the surgery, a friend gave her a recipe to try. The recipe was a combination of simple ingredients and was supposed to help her condition.

Willing to try anything, the woman put together the ingredients as given, drank the concoction as told, and waited. The date for her surgery neared and the staff scheduled her for tests to determine the exact areas for the surgeon to target. After the results of the tests, the woman was told that her condition had changed. The change was so remarkable that now, she was told, no surgery was deemed necessary. The recipe given by the friend had apparently worked. It worked so well that even the doctors at the clinic wanted to know about it.

This is the anecdotal prelude to the presentation of that recipe the author was given over 12 years ago. The gift was from a German friend and customer at the time. Still in the author's possession, it is presented, verbatim, as it was given to him:

Declogging of the Arteries With Garlic and Lemon

"If the blood vessels in the brain or around the heart are clogged up, drink daily one shot glass of the following mixture out of 30 cloves of garlic and 5 unpeeled lemons.

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Put the ingredients into a mixer and crunch them into a paste. Bring to boil in one liter (34 Fl. Oz.) of water. But only let it boil for a very short time. Then pour through a strainer into a bottle and keep in the refrigerator. Have your daily shot glass with your main meal.

After 3 weeks only you will feel a regeneration of the whole body. Clogged arteries will get unclogged again and side effects, like bad vision and bad hearing, will get better too.

After 3 weeks only you should take a break of 8 days. Then start the second 3-week treatment. Afterwards the success will be phenomenal. You should repeat this cheap, healthy and unharmful treatment every year. Nobody will notice the odor of the garlic. The powers of garlic and lemon will work to their fullest extend (sic).

Sleeplessness will be gone, the arteries are free again. One lady was able to cancel heart surgery, since bloodfat and clogging had vanished.

This mixture even works against Paradontose."

There are no claims made as to the benefits of this simple elixir by the author. He has used it once every January since it was presented and, at 58, has no history of heart problems. Perhaps it is coincidental, perhaps not. The recipe is given here as freely as was given to him.

The amount the material makes is roughly a quart. One shot glass taken each day lasts about 21 days.

The vitamin C in lemons is shown to strengthen artery walls. Lemons are one of the healthiest fruits known to science and have many benefits for the human body. Studies have shown that garlic thins the blood and has high antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Research has indicated that both foods are beneficial for heart health and are shown to reduce artery blockage.

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." -Hippocrates


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