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Ganoderma Benefits

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Ganoderma serves as the best alternative medicine for a number of diseases,besides serving as cosmetics,toothpaste and supplemental food.Hence, it is known as miraculous king of herbs.

Ganoderma Benefits

Ganoderma are unique fungi and saprophytes since they sprout upon the trunks of living or dead trees. The term ‘Ganoderma’ is derived from the Greek ‘genos’ meaning ‘brightness, sheen’ and derma meaning ‘skin.’In 1881, the genus ganoderma was named by Karsten. There are as many as 80 species in ganoderma. Of them the most popular is the Asian species ganoderma lucidum. Origin and usage of ganoderma is traced back to Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea over 3000 years ago.According to the Pen-ts'ao Kang-mu (1600s Chinese medical text), the glossy ganoderma "... cures the accumulation of pathogenic factors in the chest. It is good for the Qi of the head, including mental activities...Long term consumption will lighten the body; you will never become old. It lengthens years."


Ganoderma are large in size with fan shaped or kidney shaped structure in different colors with or without stem. Of them, red ganoderma is the most popular and widely preferred. Being double walled, they have spores in the ornamented inner layers. Ganoderma are most popular for their medicinal value.

Since ganoderma is a herbal product available in nature, it is not recognized by the Food and Drugs Administration of US (FDA) as a primary medicine. Lack of concrete scientific or medical documentary proof for its health benefits is another factor that goes against ganoderma. However, ganoderma has been recognized as an alternative medicine and a supplement food product, since it is replete with vitamins, minerals and Carbos.

Ganoderma is available in the form of tablet, powder, tincture, syrup and capsule.

We use ganoderma as follows:

  • Alternative medicines
  • Healthy Drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • Toothpastes
  • For consumption along with Cereals and other food items.

1.Ganoderma as an alternative medicine provides the following health benefits:

  •   Being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-tumor, it reduces fatigue, used in cancer treatment, relieves anxiety and relieves you from tension and depression.
  • It serves as a pain reliever, especially for those suffering from arthritis.
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • It reduces your cholesterol
  • It reduces high blood sugar and keeps it at a moderate level.
  • It enhances the strength of your cardiovascular muscles
  • It serves as tonic for the health of your kidneys, liver, nervous system.
  • It reduces your allergies
  • It improves your memory system
  • It improves your blood circulation
  • It improves your immune system
  • It reduces your aging process by preventing or removing your wrinkles and elongates your life year after year.

Though the intake of ganoderma is beneficial to your health, there are some side effects too:

  • Ganoderma causes stomach upset due to gastrointestinal difficulty.
  • It causes pain in your bones
  • It causes skin irritation
  • It causes dry mouth
  • It causes nausea or vomiting sensation
  • It causes diarrhea
  • It causes bleeding nose
  • It causes allergic reaction in some people
  • Excessive dosage of ganoderma may lead to hypertension and difficulty in coagulation of your blood.

Therefore, it is always good to have them under medical supervision or as guided by standard health web sites like: Vitamins and Health Supplements Guide web site.


Ganoderma is more effective when taken along with other herbs or medications.The recommended dosages of ganoderma are as follows:

  • 2.5 g of ganoderma should be taken in four divided portions with food.
  • 2.5 g of ganoderma may be taken on empty stomach.
  • For complaints like Asthma, hypertension, infections and nervous problems, 2 to 6 g of ganoderma taken daily or taken in three equal portions.
  • For chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and severe infections 9 to 15 g taken daily in three equal portions.

2.Ganoderama serves as Healthy Drinks: 

Ganoderma Healthy coffee or tea or chocolate drink is used with the ganoderma extract, thereby reducing the ill-effects of coffin or tea.or chocolate.While preparing a cup of ganoderma coffee or tea or chocolate drink, no milk or sugar is added lest they may spoil the health benefits of ganoderma; besides it also helps to reduce your addiction to coffee or tea or chocolate.

3.Ganoderma as cosmetics:

Using gano soap, prepared from ganoderma, will keep your skin shining and free from wrinkles. Therefore, gano soap helps you in the anti-aging process.

4.Gano Toothpaste:

Using Gano Fresh tooth paste made from the ingredients of ganoderma, keeps your teeth and gum strong and healthy.It is yet another way of keeping you always young.

5.Gano Cereal and other forms of food:

Ganoderma is also taken along with Oats, cereals and with fruits like bananas and cherries.

Thus Ganoderma provides numerous benefits to human beings and so it is rightly called as miraculous king of herbs.



2.Vitamins and Health Supplements Guide.



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