Gambling Drawbacks

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Gambling for some is just a pastime. But it can be the start of your addiction.

1. Gambling is an addiction. A gambler, no matter how hard he tries to resist the temptation, will not be able to control his cravings to gamble. It is his pleasure and it is something that he cannot live without.

2. Money is the root of all evil. An addicted gambler will do everything within his power to produce cash. He will be tempted to steal and commit crimes just to support his addiction.

3. The hard-earned money will be wasted. Instead of spending it to your family’s needs, it will all be futile.

4. It will reinforce poverty. A gambler never gives up. If he loses his money, he will crave to play even more hoping that he will be able to recover his money. If he runs out of cash, he has the tendency to sell all his saleable belongings and properties just to come up with cash. If he loses again, he will crave even more until he’ll find himself broke. This addiction can reach the point of bankruptcy. This can also ruin the entire family, friendship, relationship and one’s future.

5. A gambler who is broke, have an outstanding huge debt and is unable to support his gambling habit will be depressed. This depression, if left untreated, will turn into a mental sickness.

6. A person who won in gambling will never find contentment in his winnings because he will want more.

7. Gambling can make a person idle for hours. This will reinforce laziness and he will be dependent on game of chance for easy money instead of doing something productive.

8. If you borrow money to support your gambling habits and failed to pay it, it can put you into a lot of trouble. In effect, you’ll have sleepless nights and a feeling of devastation.

9. A gambler is a thorn in his family. He has a mind of his own and what he is thinking most of the time is how to come up with more cash to finance his gambling. He may even steal from his own family or withdraw cash secretly from his savings without telling his parents.

10. Gambling addiction is a sickness. It cannot be cured unless one subjects himself to a thorough treatment.

11. For some, gambling is just a form of relaxation, a pastime. But the amusement and fun that a first timer would experience could turn into an addiction.


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Posted on Jan 16, 2013