Fungal Infection In The Fingernails During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Prevention, And Treatment

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Anyone can get nail fungus and in some cases, a pregnant woman may find that she has been infected with nail fungus even before the pregnancy.There's no current evidence that being pregnant puts women at higher risk for becoming infected with nail fungus.In fact, older adult men tend to be more susceptible to nail fungus infection than women.

If I have a nail fungus, can this be harmful to the baby?

Obviously doctors will tell you to avoid any infection while pregnant, but a nail fungal infection is not likely to harm the fetus.Some of the treatments to get rid of the fungus may be unsafe for the fetus.Worried mothers should speak to their healthcare physician in order to find out the best course of treatment, if any, for nail fungus infection while pregnant.If the fungus is not painful or uncomfortable, it may be okay to leave it alone until after pregnancy.

What treatment options are available to me while I'm pregnant?

If you are pregnant and suffering from a nail fungus infection, your treatment options are limited as it can be extremely unsafe to go through a nail fungus treatment while pregnant.You are not likely to be prescribed oral medication if you are pregnant, but there are some safer organic treatments which can be completed in the safety of your home.

Prevention is going to be the best method to implement while pregnant.Wear proper and comfortable footwear, making sure that you change your socks often and wear socks and shoes that breathe.Avoid walking barefoot in public places and wear protective gloves on your hands if the fungus is attacking your fingernails.

Make sure to completely dry your hands and feet after washing and use anti-fungal powders if necessary.

There are some over-the-counter treatments and home remedies which may not prove to be effective.Do your research to decide which may work best for you, but I would urge you to seek the advice of your physician before attempting any treatment, no matter how safe it may seem.When considering the safety of your child, you don't want to rely on the advice of online bloggers who may or may not be medically trained.

Can the treatment be harmful to my baby?

Some treatments, particularly oral medications, can be extremely harmful to the baby, so if you are pregnant or nursing and trying to treat toenail fungus, you need to be sure to seek medical advice before attempting anything.Some oral medications can be extremely harmful to the liver, heart and bone marrow.