FTD vs 1800flowers.com vs ProFlowers: Flower Delivery Sites Compared

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FTD emphasizes selection, coverage and speed, but only in the U.S. and Canada. The site is simple to use and it has same day delivery. 1800Flowers is the site for Rewards program aficionados with many ways to earn points and plenty of sizable rewards. Pro

Being able to send flowers from anywhere in the world is one of the advantages of living in the Information Age.  Find out which flower delivery site is perfect for your needs by reading on.


FTD began in 1910, over 100 years ago when 15 different florists combined together for sending floral orders through telegraph. Now you can send flowers to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. FTD also handles chocolate dipped strawberries, jewelry, wine, fruit, spa products, and candy in addition to flowers and other plants. The number 1-800-SENDFTD is the one you need if you have problems with an order.


  • $25 Bonus with MasterPass-This lets you store payment and shipping info so you can save time paying for things online. And with FTD you get a bonus gift card when you use it. Make sure you use the gift card code you get in email within 7 days.
  • FTD Radio Codes-FTD periodically releases odes in local radio that you can use for discounts online.
  • BBB A+ Rating
  • Search Products by Color
  • Same Day Delivery Supported-Order by 2 PM in the recipient’s time zone and have the flowers delivered the same day in most areas. FTD has a truly wide selection of flowers that can be delivered same day.

Search for flowers by color and immediately get hundreds of choices.


1800Flowers is well known as having a huge variety including house plans, bonsai, flowering plants, dish gardens, cacti and English-influenced lavender. If there’s a flower type you seek, it will be found at this site in all likelihood.  Call 1-800-356-9377 for additional help.


  • Fresh Rewards Program-You can join this for free. It gives you one point for every dollar spent. You can get a $20 Fresh Rewards Pass for every 200 points earned. At 300 points, you get a free Fresh Rewards Plus membership. This includes year-round free shipping options and 10% discount options. At 800 points you get Fresh Rewards Elite automatically. This gives you VIP status for phone orders, which bumps you up the line. You also get access to 15% discount items.
  • Dynamics ePlate Visa Card-You get 2 Fresh Rewards points for every $5 you spend with this card, even on non-flower items.
  • Huge Delivery Coverage-The company delivers to virtually anywhere in the U.S., as well as 47 other countries.
  • iPhone/Blackberry App-This is one of the only sites that offer smartphone apps for ordering while on the go.
  • FairTrade Items

Get elite status for free by earning points.


ProFlowers has been delivering flowers for more than ten years now. They’ve risen to near the top of the lower delivery service and are popular among many of their customers to a strong degree for a reason. Call 866.776.2652 for flower information.


  • Home Grown Flowers-Many flowers at ProFlowers are actually grown in fields owned by the company. They are delivered right to your door directly from where ProFlower planted them.
  • Florist’s Choice Flowers-Get flowers tagged for best value by the florist.
  • Amazon Affiliation
  • International Shipping to 70 Countries
  • 7 Day Guarantee on Plants/Flowers
  • 14 Day Guarantee on Potted Plants


Head to Head

Speed and Variety- You might not always know what you want to send until the last minute.  This is where a site like FTD becomes useful since their last minute deliveries and huge selection can be very useful.1800Flowers has comparable selections and same day delivery, but only for a limited number of flowers.

Rewards-1800Flowers has a rewards program unlike any other since you can actually get higher levels of the rewards just by gaining more points. Most programs require you to spend a monthly fee for the “Elite” level of a Rewards program. This pulls 1800Flowers above the rest of the crowd.

Coverage-All sites have strong coverage, but ProFlowers has the most countries listed with 70.

Check out this review of ProFlowers that shows you what you can expect.