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Friendship Reconciliation

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Don’t pressure or force your friend to reconcile with you. Give him some time to think and consider the possibility to reconcile your friendship.

Ending a friendship is extremely difficult. Disagreement between friends can take a longer time for reconciliation depending on the nature of the argument and the length and depth of the friendship. However, there is a way to heal the resentment between you and speed up the process of reconciliation. Consider these useful steps and tips to help mend the wound of your broken friendship.

• Take a pause and reflect what have really transpired between the two of you that causes disagreement and resentment. Without being biased, list down all your side and opinions about the argument. Do the same thing with your friend, list down his side of the story. This will give you a wider picture of what happened and this will enable you to understand where he might be coming. Through this, you might have a bigger sense of understanding.

• After the disagreement with your friend, you may still want to fix your broken friendship. But you have to accept and believe the tendency that your close friend may not be looking forward for a reconciliation with you. If he decides not to fix the problem, expect that it might hurt and disappoint you even more. But if you really want to bring back the harmony in your friendship, you have to do the first move.

• Make an extra effort to write an apology letter expressing to your friend how you feel about the whole situation. You may send the letter to him through email, give it to him directly, call him by phone or talk to him face to face and read the letter to him.

• If you want to reconcile with your friend and want to settle things up, don’t put all the blame on him. You have also to admit your responsibility in the argument and disagreement. This is difficult for most people because it is man’s nature to point the responsibility to other people especially if the outcome is negative.

• If you meet with your friend to reconcile, be sincere and honest. Remember that your goal is to iron out your differences that caused the disagreement to bring back the harmony in your friendship once again.

• Don’t pressure or force your friend to reconcile with you. Give him some time to think and consider the possibility to reconcile your friendship. It is obviously better if both of you decides to have a mutual reconciliation. Talk things out and agree to start and renew your friendship all over again.


Donata L.
Posted on Jun 27, 2011
A. Smith
Posted on Jun 27, 2011

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