Friends- Friendship Types and Pros and Cons

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When it comes to friends and friendships, what crosses your mind? This is an area that can mean many different things to everybody. To some people, friends are simply people that you go out drinking with, or go to the movies with. To others, friends are people that you connect with on many different levels, and these people share many aspects of your life, and your in theirs. Friendships fall some where into that mix. I am not a psychologist, so I will not venture into that arena. But I will look into what these concepts mean to normal people.

Friends come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and whatever other category you may choose to place. But, it all boils down to one single concept. Very simply friends are people with whom you choose to share portions of your life with. Some obviously will be closer to you than others, and some casual acquaintances. Either way, these people help shape and define you as a person and as a human being.

As humans we are in constant need of other human contact, as such this makes social animals and our survival depends on the relationships formed. By survival I am referring to out emotional and psychological well being. Without the contact of friends, we as an animal tend to shrivel and die. We, like any other form of life depend greatly on the interactions we have with others. This is possibly the reason many people are isolated from others and choose to exist in a solitary manner.

Whatever the root cause may be, the effects are devastating to the human mental state. It is entirely possible as well that these people never learned how to make friends, or due to dysfunction within their family group dynamics, it was deemed improper to make friends. Whatever the root cause, it is important for us to offer our hands to these people and show them the possibilities of life and the joys and frustrations friends and friendships will bring. So let's look at types of friendships.

CASUAL: This refers to the types of friends that we simply go out and do different activities with. This may include going out and having a beer, going to the movies, going fishing, or some other form of recreation or activity. Shopping is often an occasion for casual friends to go out and socialize. The primary purpose of casual friendships is the social aspect.

BUSINESS: These types of friends are the friends you have at your respective place of employment. These are the people that you collaborate with and maybe have meals with. These types of friendships are often social as well, but less likely or common than casual types of friendships. Often times a business friendship will develop into other forms of friendships, although these can be somewhat destructive sometimes. We will look at this later.