Fossil vs Nixon vs Timex: Watches Compared

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Watch enthusiasts who like classic styles and stainless steel will like Fossil. Nixon is a good watch company for those who live on the Pacific coast including especially surfers. This is because Nixon watches ship fast in that region. Timex has a high-qu

A watch is often a highly personal item, so it’s worth checking out the various different options out there before you decide on one in particular. This is especially the case considering just how much variety you have these days in terms of emerging features and styles. Here’s a comparison between a few modern watch sites where you can order your piece online.


Fossil has good shipping methods and returns for their watches. U.S. orders are free for the standard 3-5 business days. The site is definitely a bit higher end with most watches being stainless steel and even gold-plated.


  • Free Strap Deals-Fossil often has free deals such as getting a free strap whenever you purchase a watch. You can choose from those they list on the site. Deals like this come and go, however, and often require you to put in a promo code.
  • Store and Product Locator-Scroll to the bottom of the main page to find the “store locator” link. This doesn’t just help you locate Fossil stores, though, you can also use it to find stores that carry Fossil watches. The red squares on the match are the Fossil stores, and the grey ones are stores that have the products. Macy’s often has Fossil watches, for example.
  • Free Shipping and Returns-Most watches will come to you for free over 3 to 5 days, and you can return them for free within 90 days.


Nixon emphasizes watches you can take with you on adventures like as an athlete or outdoorsman. Many people look for their watches specifically for surfing, for example, since the headquarters for the company is in California on the west coast.


  • Fast Shipping-Shipping is free from Nixon, and it should get to you within 2 days for most of the country. You can get it even faster if you happen to live near their home store in southwestern California.
  • Send Gift Cards with Messages Electronically- You can buy gift cards online and then add a personal message to them. The card will then be mailed to them physically. It takes one business day to process.
  • Dealer Locator-If you’d rather find a dealer for Nixon in person, the “dealer locator” link is available in the bottom left corner under “Company.” There don’t appear to be as many places that carry Nixon in general the further you get away from the west coast.


Timex is easily one of the most recognizable names in watches. They now have a wide variety including classic designs as well as some very moderns like smartwatches, even though the company has been around since 1864.


  • 15% Coupons for Signing Up-You can often give them your email address and get 15% off your first order. This can be quite a lot if you’re buying a $200 watch. The box that allows you to do this usually pops up right after you get to the site.
  • Free Year of AT&T Data with Smart Watch Purchase-The GPS One watch from Timex comes with a year subscription for data from the carrier AT&T. You don’t even need a phone to pair with it to make it work either.
  • 8-hour Battery Life for GPS Watch-The GPS One from Timex has a rechargeable LI Ion watch that will last for 8 hours even when you have the GPS and data connection active the whole time.
  • Free Standard Shipping for Orders Over $75-As long as you buy enough to get over this point, you can get it for free. Some watches cost less, but these are the simple ones like the Weekender Chrono which is $64.

Head to Head


An example of pricing for Fossil is the Retro Traveler Chronograph for $155. It’s stainless steel and this one in particular is a smoky color. Another example is the Wakefield Chronograph stainless steel watch that goes for $175. It’s water resistant for 10 atmospheres with a 12 mm case thickness and an 11 year limited warranty. The case is 46 mm with a 22 mm circumference. It has glow-in the dark notches and hands for diving.

One of the signature watches for Nixon, right from their main page, is the Ranger 4, which is $200. It comes in 5 different colors including all gold, gun metal and bronze. The watch also works at up to 10 atmospheres as well, which is 100 meters. It’s a little thinner than the Wakefield Chronograph at 40 mm.

Timex has their Ironman One GPS+ watch as one of the more prominent products. It’s often on s ale for $200. You can get live tracking for your workouts, play music with 4GB of storage and connect it to headphones via Bluetooth. The watch can also send messages, connect to a heart monitor, keep track of your pace and distance, and even give you timers. The watch is resistant up to 50 meters.

The signature or prominent watches for each company appear to have similar price points, with Fossil having watches consistently a bit cheaper. If you’re going with a non-smart watch from Timex, it has some of the cheaper watches like the Timex Weekender which is $44. It also has more expensive non-smart watches like the Timex Yacht racer which has the full 11 meter water resistance like the other companies.


The link for “Customer Care” is at the bottom left corner of the page at Fossil. Scroll down the new page halfway, and you’ll see icons for phone, email and another store locator link. Their phone hours are 7am to 9pm CST weekdays, plus hours on Saturday. The email link brings you to a form page which is straight forward.

Nixon has a standard “contact us” link at the bottom of the page. The number listed there is 888-455-9200 and their hours are 8am to 5 PM PDT during weekdays. This means that Fossil has significantly more hours for customer service. You can also email Nixon here too either with the form or the regular address. Nixon has limited dealers the further away you get from southwestern California.

Timex has support specific to its watches such as the One GPS smart watch number which is 800-328-2677. The customer service link is under the big “Customer Service” heading in the bottom left. This gives a more general number available during business hours as well as an email link.