Ford MUSTANG 1966

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Ford MUSTANG 1966 (No ordinary Mustang)

 Ford MUSTANG 1966

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Following its 1964 launch, the Mustang was a massive hit. Creating a place in the pony car market, its sales continued to increase. A modification of a 1966 car was the next step for this almost perfect package.

Do not be fooled by its looks; this is no ordinary Mustang. Underneath there have been a multitude of changes. the supercharger engine delivers considerable power, and the modified chassis gives more stability and poise than the original. Great attention has been paid to the interior, which blends well with the exterior. You would be hard-pressed to find a better example of a 1966 Mustang.

The original 1966 Mustang has a simple chassis layout that was adequate for he times, but feels its age now. Many changes have been made in the suspension, Up front Mustang II parts have been incorporated and chrome Ford 9-inch axle is in the rear.  Disc brakes have been installed all around. Transmission is a Ford AOD-E automatic with a Lokar shifter. The rack-and-pinion steering is taken from a Dodge Omni.

In 1966, the Mustang was available with a 200-c.i. inline six or a 289-c.i. V8, in either 200 bhp or 225/271 bhp state of tune. the venerable cast-iron motor was considered too heavy for this Mustang and has been replaced by a 32-valve, 4.6 liter modular Ford V8 unit with all-alloy construction. From its relatively small displacement, 281 c.i., it produces 392 bhp with the aid if a Kenne Bell twin-screw whipplecharger running at 6 pounds of boost. This is in combination with a multipoint electronic fuel-injection system and a modern engine layout of four valves per cylinder operated by four chain-driven overhead camshafts.

Supercharge Engine

To get phenomenal performance from the mustang, a 32-valve, all-alloy 4.6 liter "modular" Ford V8 engine, from a late-model Mustang Cobra, has been fitted. The power has been upped to 392 bhp by the addition of Kenne Bell supercharger running at 6 pounds of boost.

Four-wheel disc brakes

To balance the enhanced performance, disc brakes have been installed. At the front these are 11 inches in diameter with 9-inch ones at the rear.

Tangerine Dream 

Completing the modified look is the tangerine pearl custom paint scheme. The side scallops are finished in a blend of gold pearl and candy root beer.

"If you like the looks but not the performance, what can you do? Build your ideal car, of course. With nearyl 400 bhp and a chassis that can handle power, this Mustang would be your dream car.