Foods That Cause Skin Problems and Acne

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The foods you eat can cause acne and skin problems and certain foods can also clear up acne and skin problems.

You are what you eat. Too much of the wrong kinds of food usually have to come out of the body in one way or another. That is the body's way of eliminating harmful products. What this causes is acne and skin problems.

Sometimes when you get a stomach ache that is one way the body is getting rid of toxins and bad food. Other ways could be a runny nose, or a stuffy nose or even body odor, and these toxins also comes out of the body in the form of skin problems such as acne or even boils.

Remember the skin is an organ and toxins in the body are eliminated through the skin. You can clean your skin all the time, but eliminating the toxin causing foods in the first place is what you need to do.

Too Much Protein Causes Skin Problems and Acne

Specifically, too much animal protein, and as Americans we eat a ton of it, way more then we should or need to unless we are Olympic athletes or play for the NFL. The worst forms of these animal proteins are the pre-packaged meats, the lunch meats and the deli meats or hotdogs. They are loaded with sodium nitrates which can cause cancer and they hurt the digestive system, allowing for “toxins” to be absorbed into the body instead of being eliminated.

Meat is also very acid making, and the body needs to be more alkaline that acidic.

When you do have meat, you can eat fish instead. If you don’t like fish then it would be best to eat organic and grass-feed beef.

Dairy Products can Cause Skin Problems and Acne

These are bad for you in some of the same ways as meat is bad, too much protein.

Cow's milk is designed to make baby cows grow up and grow up very big and quickly. Not for humans to constantly drink.

Dairy products are usually made from animals that have been injected with a great deal of hormones which in turn you drink.

Both dairy and meat have zero fiber, and this causes the digestive system to work more slowly. When the digestion is too slow, bad bacteria and toxins can be absorbed into the body and then tries and come out through the skin.

Yogurt is different in the way it is already fermented and is absorbed by your body better; in fact yogurt can be healthy for the digestive system by promoting more healthy bacteria.

Dairy of course includes ice cream and cheese, both can be bad for skin problems like acne.


There is a lot of sugar in all soda pops except of course sugar free. A lot of sugar in many foods and so-called healthy fruit juices as well.

It almost always goes to the digestive system, the good and the bad bacteria in your gut. The bad bacteria love and thrive on sugar.

One healthy substitute sweetener is Stevia.


Studies also show that some people have allergic reactions to wheat, the gluten in wheat. And this can also cause skin problems. Refined or white bread and bread products are void of all of the nutrients in the whole wheat products. If you think you have allergies to wheat, you can try and eliminate all refined or white flour first and see if that helps.

What is a Healthy Diet to Get Rid of Acne and Skin Problems

You can try and eliminate some of these food groups and see if your skin improves. A diet with healthy foods builds a strong digestive system, which eliminates the waste and toxins before they can be absorbed into the body, once the wastes and toxins are into the body, they have to be eliminated another way, and one way is through the skin. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits since they contain phytochemicals and antioxidants that will clean your body and skin of these toxins.

Eat fruits and vegetables to clean your body and skin. Photo by Eric Hunt

If you think your digestive system isn’t working well, or you have just taken a prescription for an antibiotic which can kill the good bacteria in the digestive system, take a probiotic.

Acne seems to be a Western medical problem, meaning that it isn’t seen in countries that don’t eat the western diet. Possibly trying a vegetarian diet would be the way to go and see if that helps your skin problems.

A high fat diet seems to be the one of the major reasons for skin problems.

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