Foods That Can Relieve Your Dog's Constipation: Celery, Red Clover, Banana, And More

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There are many home remedies for a dog when they get diarrhea, constipation and all of these home remedies for dogs also make them healthier.

Natural diuretics promote better functioning of the kidney, thereby increasing the amount of urine, bowels and perspiration which aids in the removal of body toxins. This comes under body cleansing. Natural diuretics for dogs can be incorporated in their daily diet in small amounts mostly depending upon their size. There are different types of natural diuretics for dogs which are classified as natural herbal diuretics and natural food diuretics. Let us find out more about natural diuretics for dogs.

Natural Herbal Treats

There are many natural diuretics for dogs in the form of herbs which can help them overcome several diseases and sicknesses which are mostly related to their digestive system. Herbs have medicinal value which can prove to be very effective and safe for your dog. However, natural herbal diuretics should not be given to dogs on a regular basis. You should ideally keep a gap of one week after a two week's dose of the diuretic.

Alfalfa: Alfalfa is a herbal antidote which is high in nutrients. It works as an effective blood purifier and improves the dog's digestive system. It is also an effective remedy for acidity problems and heart attack symptoms in dogs.

Red Clover: Red clover is one of the most powerful and strongest natural diuretic for dogs. It is very helpful in case of skin diseases and purifies the blood. It also cures cough and asthma or bronchitis problems. It is proved that red clover is useful for eradicating cysts and cancer. Read more on dog cancer symptoms.

Raspberry Leaves: Raspberry leaves are used as a traditional herbal medicine. They are very useful in case of strengthening the uterus. Also known as reproduction tonic, they have certain astringent properties which help in treating diarrhea.

Burdock: Burdock is also one of the strongest natural diuretics for dogs. It is a natural body cleanser which helps in blood purification, improves digestion and increases sweating, throwing out all the body toxins. It is also advantageous for conditions like skin diseases and arthritis in dogs.

Diuretic Natural Foods

Diuretic natural foods contain both vegetables and fruits which are very beneficial for a dog's health. These include:


There are many vegetables which can be beneficial for your dog's health and they prevent or treat many health problems.

Pumpkins: Many dogs prefer pumpkin and like its taste. Pumpkins are extremely rich in vitamin A and also provide moderate amount of Vitamin B and C. They are a good food supplement and can be given in small amounts to the dog in his daily diet. They prevent the dog from many diseases due to their high nutrition level. Pumpkins are excellent for dogs not only to relieve diarrhea, but also to relieve constipation. Canned pumpkin also helps a dogs gut and digestive system adding to the good bacteria. Dogs need a healthy gut just like us humans do.

Okra: Okra is found mostly in warm regions. However, it is originally from Africa. Okra is very beneficial in curing the intestinal problems in dogs as it is a rich source of sodium.

Celery: Celery is one the best food for the dogs. It is a natural blood purifier rich in magnesium, potassium and sodium. Celery seeds help in the treatment of arthritis and nervous breakdown.

Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts belong to the cabbage family just like cauliflower and broccoli. Brussels sprouts contain vitamin C which makes it a good source of ascorbic acid. It also consists of sulfur which helps in the treatment of skin diseases and problems. It aids in blood circulation as well.


You should be careful while feeding your dogs. Fruits should be given to them in small portions mostly depending upon their size. Fruits can prove to be very beneficial for your dogs but you have to provide it in limited amounts specially fruits with a high sugar level.

Banana: Dogs are said to be fond of bananas due to their sweet taste. They have potassium which is good for the dog's muscular system. There is one interesting fact about bananas that it adds small amount of natural acidophilus bacteria to the bowels. Read more on inflammatory bowel disease in dogs.

Melon: Melons have a good amount of purified water content which helps the functioning of the kidneys and also helps in the treatment of stomach problems.

Papaya: Papaya is a rich source of vitamin A, C, E, calcium, phosphorous and iron which heals any digestive problems the dog may be suffering from. It also acts as a natural supplement.

Peach: Dogs also like peach due to its sweet taste. It cleanses the body by eliminating the toxins and is also beneficial for the kidneys. These were some of the natural diuretics for dogs. Introduce them in your dog's diet to keep him healthy and fit. Your dog will also surely like his new treat!

Make sure you do not give your dog the entire peach, because the pit could choke the dog or break apart and become a serious problem for the dog.


As you can see, there are many healthy treats you can give to your dog. Vegetables and fruits can help with diarrhea, constipation and act as a great prebiotic and probiotic for you dog. And just like people, prebiotics and probiotics can really keep a dog healthy.

Just remember to never give your dog any pits from any fruit as this can cause choking and or intestinal problems.