Food That Increase Mens Virility Potency and Performance in Bed

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It often happens that you might be having low sex drive or libido due to lifestyle related factors and improper diet. A few changes in the food you eat can bring about a great change in your libido and make your enjoy great sex without the use of synthetic drugs like Viagra.

It is essential for you to understand that your overall health is important for a good sex drive and that your male libido does not act in isolation.

The first and the most important aspect for having great sex is good blood circulation. Having good circulation is critical for getting rock hard erections. When you get sexually excited your brain sends signals to the body to send allow more blood to the genitals. As such when the circulation is good, the blood flow to the genitals can be enhanced instantly leading to stronger erections. Therefore it is important that you eat foods that boost blood circulation. A great example is foods that are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids like mackerel, salmon and sardines.

The importance of oily fish as as a source of increasing overall health and sexual stamina can not be over emphasized. This is because Omega-3 makes your nervous system function more efficiently and that's exactly what you need for peak sexual stamina and performance.

Oily fish are also rich in minerals like zinc, magnesium and selenium, all vital for a good sex drive and libido. Moreover, neurological function also contributes to good circulation. Hence, you should add multi vitamins and mineral supplements to your diet.

B complex vitamins help in reducing stress, which is a big libido killer. Make sure you get more of these to get better and firmer erections. You can do so by having foods that contain L-Arginine. Some examples include: Oatmeal, Peanuts, Cashews,Walnuts, Dairy, Green Vegetables, Soybeans, Seeds and Chickpeas.

Studies show that L-Arginine is helpful for improving sexual function in men and in tests 80 of men who took the supplement found they had better erections in just 3 weeks.

This is exactly why it is called Natures Viagra!

Two other herbs that have been used both as a brain tonic and for improving blood circulation include Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba.

However, there are a couple of things that are known to reduce circulation of blood which you must cut down on. The most significant ones include smoking and drinking alcohol excessively. Moreover, you should also put a stop to recreational drugs that can restrict blood flow.

Studies indicate that obesity leads to erectile dysfunction and low testosterone in men. As such reducing weight results in an increase in testosterone levels and can therefore improve sexual performance.

The bottom line is Anything that is good for your heart is good for your penis!

You need fats to produce hormones like testosterone. Cholesterol is metabolized in the body via the liver, and you get your testosterone and estrogen from here, so it is essential to get good fats. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are considered good. Olive oil or salmon are the best source of getting good fats.

However, too much of fat can clog your arteries and restrict blood flow to the penis. This not only interferes with the ability to perform but also affects your overall sexual performance.

Generally, good diet includes oily fish and natural foods. You should avoid processed foods to stay healthy and promote a good circulation of blood through out your body.

Though diet plays a very important role in maintaining your sex drive and testosterone levels, you also need to be active. This means that just diet is not enough, you need to indulge in some sort of exercise. Muscle training is extremely good for you boosting testosterone and it is advised to workout of at least 30-45 minutes to boost your testosterone levels naturally. However, you should not be working out for more than 60 minutes or an hour since if you work out for this long your body starts releasing hormone Cortisol which not only diminishes but also inhibits testosterone production.

Provacyl is a natural supplement that can be a great help besides the above diet changes to enhance your sex drive and libido. Provacyl has a man's needs in mind, and this proprietary blend is just for you. Its ingredients combine to increase your testosterone levels. It acts as a stimulant for testosterone production. It's your body at its best, aided by all-natural plant extracts and the highest quality proteins.

It's a whole body makeover. Besides feeling your body get the kick start it needs as you've gotten older, Provacyl affects almost every aspect of your health. You'll feel more alert and focused, as your mind becomes sharper. Your memory will be stronger than it has in awhile. And that's not including the restoration of your sex life. If you're like many men, you've lost your libido. Maybe you've even suffered from erectile dysfunction, unable to get or maintain a strong erection. Provacyl gives your erections the power they've been lacking and add a little lust back to your life, thanks to the natural increase in testosterone, the hormone responsible for your sex drive

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