Flirty Thank You Messages: Ideas for Flirty and Sweet Text Thank You Messages

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Flirty Thank you Messages! Do you want to express gratitude towards to someone in a naughty and flirty way but just don’t know what to write? Well you have reached the right spot. In this article you will find an excellent list of flirty thank you

If you are stuck with good ideas on how to start up a good flirty thank you message then your search ends here. In this article you will find an excellent list of sample flirty thank you messages  to choose from. Read on to find the perfect flirty thank you message that you can use to convey your thanks in a flirty way. 

1. Thank you very much for your help the other evening. You are really sweeter than a candy. Thanks a ton! 

2. I would like to say thank you for all the things you have done for me. Honestly, you have a special place in my heart. Thank you!

3. Hi! I will always remember what you have done for me. It’s something really appreciable. I will always treasure you in my heart and I hope you too feel the same way. Thank you! 

4. Hi (name) I think words are not enough to express my gratitude and appreciation for your genuine effort and time for me. I really want to thank you for being my life saver. Please join me for dinner tonight at my place! Look forward to spend a crazy evening with you. 

5. Thank you so much (name)  for helping me with my project work. Please let me know when will I see you again? I have planned a special evening for both of us. Let me know when we can meet! 

6. Thank you very much (name) for being my savior today. Your effort is something remarkable and the sweetest thing that ever happened in my life. Thank you! Can you come over to my place for dinner tonight? There is a special thank you gift waiting for you!  

7. Hi (name)! Thank you so much for saving my day. I was so panicky with my stuff that I forgot to express my gratitude and how much I appreciate your help. Can we go out for dinner tonight after work?  I want to spend a hot and spicy evening with you!

Remember that sending a message is a great way to get a conversation going, but also, there is a find line between being flirty in a classy friendly way, and being overly flirty. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send a flirty type of message. If you are really interested in someone, this might be the best way to break the ice without being overly aggressive.

Sending a thank you message showing gratitude while being a little flirty is a great way to show you are interested in this person you are sending the thank you message. You can find other types of cards like an E-card or a regular type of card at Hallmark Cards.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and say thank you to in a flirty way by choosing the perfect flirty thank you message from this collection if flirty messages. Send your thanks as a text message or as an e-mail or a card in a flirty way right away! 


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Posted on Aug 8, 2012
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Posted on Aug 6, 2012