Five of the Best Stylists for Curly Hair in Fresno, California

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The City of Fresno in California could just as likely be named, 'Frizzno' because of the affect the semi-arid climate has on curly hair. Listed here are five of the best stylists for curly hair as rated by their customers. With a population of half a mill


For seven months of the year, from April through October, it is hot. The average temperature varies between 75 and 100 degrees Faharenheit. Hot weather is really cruel to curly hair. You carefully wash and style it to perfection in the cool comfort of your air conditioned home. Ten minutes in the semi-arid conditions outdoors and you end up looking like a explosion in a mattress factory. This is why you need the best hair stylist for curly hair in Fresno, California. The five salons listed here have all received rave reviews from their customers.

Envy Hair Studio

The motto here is, 'be admired, be desired, be envied!' Envy Hair Studio is a full-service salon located off of Blackstone & San Jose. In addition to offering a full range of hair treatments (women, children's and men's haircuts, peek a boos, relaxers and perms), you can be waxed, threaded, manicured and more. Customers appreciate their friendliness and value for money. You can check out their Facebook page here.

Kaos Headquarters

Kaos, or Manic Panic, is a full service hair and nail salon catering to all types of client from 'professionals to punks'. Cynthia's clients describe her as the 'Debbie Harry of Tower hair stylists'. Some of her loyal ladies have been having her cut their hair for 15 years or more. Visit their website here.

La Dolce Vita

The goal at this salon is 'professional and personal care' to all their clients. Located in the Riverpark area, La Dolce Vita was founded in 2007.Their team of 15 members offer services for hair, nails and make-up. With curly hair herself, Jennifer has been described as being 'able to cut curly hair instinctively to get the most out of it'. Click here to see La Dolce Vita's website.

La Vogue Beauty Shop

The word here is 'quality'. Established in 2001, their team consists of Make-up artists and hair stylists, a certified make-up artist and even a Hollywood make-up artist. Slightly pricier than some of the others, customers don't seem to mind paying extra for top quaility. Uni has been complimented for her work with the 'superfat, straight hair' of Asian women.

Spectrum Salon and Day Spa

Spectrum is located in Clovis and has been serving the Fresno area for 35 years. Not the place for just a quick trim. This full service santuary employs 64 experts in hair, nails, facials, massage, body waxing and brows. Have a pedicure in one of their reclining massage chairs. Take a spin in the whirlpool bath. Marquis has been described as the 'answer to a curly haired woman's prayers'. Visit their website here.

For more info about the best stylists for curly hair in Fresno, California, click here.


DeviPriya Maharana
Posted on Apr 6, 2012
DeviPriya Maharana
Posted on Apr 6, 2012
Posted on Apr 3, 2012