Five Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Connecticut

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These are the five most beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut. All of these waterfalls in Connecticut are easy to get to, as four of them are located in state parks. Connecticut is such a small state, it's probably possible that all five of these waterfalls

There are probably a lot more waterfalls in Connecticut than most people realize. These are what I consider to be the five most beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut. I grew up in Westchester County, New York, near the border with Connecticut, and have been to most of these beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut. The capital city of Hartford is within a few hours drive of each of these waterfalls in Connecticut.

Five Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Connecticut

Kent Falls

Image Source by AskJoanne

Kent Falls drops a total of some 250 feet along Falls Brook in Kent Falls State Park in western Connecticut not too far from the New York State border. Kent Falls is a really nice waterfalls in Connecticut, but warned here that Kent Falls can get crowded at times in the summer and people like to wade into the pools. So taking pictures here can be a problem at times.  

Image Source by Vux

Great Falls

Great Falls is a pretty 60 foot waterfalls in northeastern Connecticut that flows down a ledge along the Housatonic River. Great Falls is located right near the Appalachian Trail just north of the town of Falls Village. There is a dam above the falls that is used for hydroelectricity, so the flow over the falls can be heavy or light. See here for a photo.

Campbell Falls

Image Source by Dougtone

Campbell Falls drops some 62 total feet along Ginger Creek in Campbell Falls State Park in Norfolk, Connecticut in the northeastern part of the state right on the Massachusetts border. Technically, Campbell Falls might be in Massachusetts, but in any case, Campbell Falls is located right along Campbell Falls Road just off Route 272 or North Street a few miles north of the town of Norfolk, Connecticut.

Southford Falls

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Southford Falls is a series of natural waterfalls in Connecticut located along Eight Mile Creek just below a dam in Southford Falls State Park in Oxford, Connecticut. Southford Falls are not the result of the dam, but are natural waterfalls. Southford Falls State Park is located right along Route 188 north of Oxford, Connecticut. 

Wadsworth Falls

Image Source by spi516

Wadsworth Falls drops some 30 feet along the Coginchaug River in central Connecticut in Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middlefield, Connecticut. In spring, or after a heavy rainfall, Wadsworth Falls can really flow creating a great site to see.

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