Five Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Alabama

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These are the five most beautiful waterfalls located in the state of Alabama. All of these waterfalls in Alabama are located in the northeastern part of the state, and many of them are not too far from each other. All of these waterfalls in Alabama are wi

Visitors to these waterfalls in Alabama can make a vacation out of visiting them, or go for a nice weekend trip, or just visit them on day trips. There are plenty of hotels, lodges, campsites, motels and other visitor accommodations near most of these falls for overnight guests. Most of these waterfalls in Alabama are located in state or local parks and are easy to find, and great places to visit.

  • DeSoto Falls


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DeSoto Falls drops 104 spectacular feet in beautiful fashion over a cliff face into a carved canyon in DeSoto State Park along the West Fork of the Little River in northeastern Alabama. Named for Spanish explorer Henry de Soto, DeSoto Falls are probably the best known and most popular waterfalls in Alabama.

DeSoto State Park is located just east of Fort Payne, Alabama. There are a number of other beautiful waterfalls located in the park too. There's also DeSoto State Park Lodge for overnight accommodations, as well as camping in the park. There's plenty of other lodges, hotels and motels in the area for overnight guests, tourists, vacationers and visitors too.

  • Noccalula Falls

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Noccalula Falls is another spectacular waterfalls in Alabama that drops 90 beautiful feet over a cliff face along Black Creek in Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, Alabama. Noccalula Falls Park is located at 1500 Noccalula Road in Gadsden, in northeastern Alabama.

There is a campground at the park for anyone who wants to camp. There are also plenty of lodges, hotels, and motels in and around Gadsden for overnight visitors, vacationers, tourists and visitors to Noccalula Falls.

  • Little River Falls

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Little River Falls drops 45 beautiful feet along the Little River at the head of the Little River Canyon on top of Lookout Mountain in northeastern Alabama about five miles east of Fort Payne. Little River Falls is very easy to get to as the falls are located right off Highway 35.

Visitors, tourists and vacationers to Little River Falls should also take the Little River Canyon Parkway or Canyon Rim Drive, also known as Highway 176, which follows the west rim of the Little River Canyon for 11 miles. There are eight great lookouts located along the drive. 

  • High Falls

High Falls is a 35 foot high, 300 foot long waterfalls located along Town Creek in High Falls Park in northeastern Alabama. High Falls Park is located west of Fort Payne, Alabama at 969 County Road 144 in Grove Oak, Alabama. See here for a photo.

  • Grace's High Falls

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Grace's High Falls is the tallest waterfall in Alabama at 133 feet. Grace's High Falls is a seasonal waterfall that plunges off a rock face in the Little River Canyon. There is an overlook along the Little River Canyon Parkway, or Canyon Rim Drive, also known as Highway 176, where you can get a great look at Grace's High Falls when it is flowing. Visit in spring, or after a heavy rainfall, to make sure Grace's High Falls is flowing.

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