Five great skirts for women with large thighs

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There are lots of things to consider when selecting clothing and one of the important variables is your figure type. By picking clothes that work with your body, you can make the most of what you have. If you have large thighs some skirts are more flatter

Skirt one: The modified pencil skirt

You might have noticed that a lot of fashion experts recommend that a pencil skirt is an essential item for a woman to own, but this can prove tricky if you have large thighs as pencil skirts tend to hug the lower body.  The Marilyn pencil skirt, shown below, might be a good option for those with large thighs. Unlike traditional pencil skirts it doesn’t follow the line of the legs all the way down. It is cut with a slightly A line fit, which can help balance out the thighs. Ideally choose a size that will skim over your thigh area, rather than clinging to it. If necessary get the waist taken in to fit.

This style is from Banana Republic and costs $89.50 at full price, but also check on Knoji here for Banana Republic coupons, because this could provide a saving for you.

Skirt two: A vertically pleated skirt

Another Banana Republic style to check out is the BR Monogram pleated skirt, shown below. It kicks out over the thigh area and is in flattering Black. The vertical pleats also help to slim the lower half of the body. Also note that it features an invisible side zipper entry, which means no extra bulk runs through the thigh area.

Skirt three: An elastic waist skirt

If you are looking for skirts that are more affordable, it is probably worthwhile looking at Forever 21. The Metallic-Blend Lace skirt, from Forever 21, shown below, is a nice cut for those with more shapely thighs. This is because it drapes over the thighs rather than hugging them. In addition the elastic waistband means it is more likely to fit your waist measurement if you have a smaller waist.

Skirt four: A classic A line skirt

A line skirts are often a great choice as they extend out from the waist balancing a wider bottom half. Look for styles that extend out enough to accommodate your thighs without clinging. The Essential Twill A line skirt, from Forver 21 could fit this description. It is priced at $17.80.

Skirt five: A Full skirt

Full skirts can entirely hide your thighs so they are worth considering. Just be aware that they tend to look best worn with fitted tops. So make sure this top style will suit you also. The Marc Jacobs style below is from Nordstrom.

At Nordstrom you can search by several skirt types that suit women with larger thighs, such as A line or Full skirts. 


Posted on Oct 22, 2013
Posted on Oct 22, 2013
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