Finding Volunteer Opportunities for the Holidays

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There are so many ways to help your neighbors during the holidays; you won't have to look far to find volunteering opportunities. The benefits of volunteering are too numerous to list, but you'll know you've done the right thing and that's what matters. Reach out to help those in your neighborhood or those across the globe.

Nursing Home Centers

Nursing homes need all kinds of volunteers. You could help decorate for their Christmas and Thanksgiving parties. They usually have a need for gift wrappers as well, and for volunteers to help the elderly make arts and crafts Christmas gifts. Volunteering for the elderly can be a year round project.

Women's Shelters

These shelters would love to have help decorating trees, babysitting, and maybe even transporting women to do their holiday shopping. Also consider doing things like answering phones and data entry.

Homeless Shelters

There is always a need for help in these shelters, and these days our shelters are overflowing with people who need your services. Go there to help with fundraising, food preparation, clothing drives; the list is endless.

Food Kitchens

Thanksgiving is a great time to help prepare and serve a hot meal to the needy. Shelters are listed in the phone book and on the Internet.

Children's Shelters

Help the kids get the toys they want for Christmas. Call your local childrens'shelter and find out what toys they need and drop them off. Remember Toys for Tots, it's sponsored by the United States Marine Corps, and all you have to do is buy a toy and drop it off at one of many selected drop off points.

Your local church

Ask your pastor what you can do to help those in your community, maybe even those at your church need help. Church volunteering is one of the easiest ways to help our neighbors.

Online Volunteering

Contribute your skills to organizations all around the world, and help them grow. You can make a difference through your translation skills, research, writing and editing....the possibilities are almost endless.

Helpful Resources Here's where you go if you want to find a great place to volunteer. Thousands of opportunities can be found; just plug in the area you want and take your pick.