Find The Best Plants for Children to Grow

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Introducing gardening to children can be a wonderful experience for an entire family. Gardening teaches lessons that can be used for life that include patience, responsibility, rewards for hard work and many others. Finding the best plants for children to

One of the greatest things about gardening is that anyone of any age can do it. Whether you happen to be at the age of retirement or attending kindergarten, gardening is a great pastime to have. Directing a child to invest in gardening is a decision that can reap great rewards for parents as well as children. Kids growing plants is a wonderful idea for a great number of reasons. Finding the best plants for children to grow will make a gardening encounter delightful as well as teaching some great life lessons.

Gardening can teach a child several real life lessons to be used throughout their existence.  Responsibility, obligation, duty, patience, how to be dependable along with hard work reaps great rewards are beautiful outcomes in the end that can be admired and enjoyed by the child introduced to gardening. Additionally, while a child is educated in how to grow plants it can bring families together to spend positive time doing something worthwhile. Additionally, gardening can provide physical exercise.

There are more than a few things to consider when working with children and gardening. Children do not have the patience of adults and can become easily discouraged and distracted. If the initial encounter with gardening is positive it can make an enormous difference in their attitude and the outcome of the overall gardening experience. Therefore, these are concerns that should be taken into account when working with the right plants for kids. These are the best plants for children to grow when taking all of these various factors into account.

Easy to grow plants are the best for kids to garden

When you choose a plant for kids to grow consider plants that are easy to grow. The best plants for kids to grow are those that can sustain a little neglect. They can take a little wear and tear with being moved or jostled by small children and still thrive. 

Children can be clumsy and forgetful. These are plants that may not get the ideal amount of water or sunshine and have the capability to still to flourish. This is where responsibility and duty come in. As the gardening project begins there may be rough spots to the process and plants that can sustain a little rough start are best plants for children to grow.

fast growing plants are the best for kids gardening experience

Patience is a virtue that many children have yet to acquire. Therefore, fast growing plants are excellent for kids growing plants. Children can see a return on their investment of hard work and diligence as soon as possible with faster growing plants.

Plants that can grow in pots or containers are the best plants for children to grow

Kid’s plants should be held close to them to be observed and admired as they grow and bloom. Having children put their plants in pots and containers means they can watch them rain or shine from any room or place they desire. Plants in pots can be moved from grandpas to home for the weekend.

Having kid’s plants in pots also permits easier control over water, types of soil, size of a plant and monitoring their progress from a closer perspective. If they would like to transplant their foliage to outdoors after they mature, they certainly can. However, starting the gardening project for kids in a pot or container is perfect for kids gardening.

Colorful plants are the most attractive to children and the best for gardening

Colorful plants are not a requirement, but children do adore color. Different color plants in several planters can be appealing to kids that want to garden. Growing small seeds to plants for children is a marvel of nature in their tiny eyes.

Use your expertise for instruction and education by gardening alongside a child

One of the wonderful things about planting with kids and introducing them to gardening is a blank slate to absorb knowledge. You have the opportunity to start with the basics and build gardening knowledge from there.

You can grow your own plant beside the children’s gardening adventure if you desire. Remember, this is an journey in gardening for them and not as much for you. Lots of gardeners that have children as their apprentice will use their gardening expertise as a tool to instruct on what is right and what is wrong with different gardening decisions such as how much or how little water to add. An adult gardening endeavor can also act as model for a child’s plant on what to do for a plant for a better outcome. This will help with visual education and instruction in gardening.

Gardening with children can be fun and delightful. Whether this is a one on one project or designed as a project for the family. Selecting the best type of plant for children to garden is a great way to make certain the outcome will be good for all involved.

Best plants for children to grow for gardening

•             Start with plants with seeds. You can choose a perennial. However, they are not the best for a child’s first gardening resource. Seeds are fun to plant and water when grown in a small personal pot.

•             Pansy and viola-these are plants that are colorful and can be grown in any season or climate. Summer or winter weather doesn’t affect the outcome of this plant’s growth.

•             Wild strawberry-children love the sweet smell and colorful fruit. An added benefit after growing their plant is the pleasure to also eat them. The senses awakened with this venture are sight, taste, smell and feel. Wild strawberry is one of the best plants for children to grow.

•             Geraniums (Crane’s bill)-these are extremely easy plants to grow for kids. They are available in blue, white, purple and even pink. They don’t need a lot of sunshine or water to do well.

•             Lavender-produces colorful pink, blue, white or purple sweet smelling flowers. Generally do well in summer months. Additionally, potpourri can be produced from lavender.

•             Forget-me-not-these are flowers that do well in soil that is well drained or fairly dry. If children forget to water as instructed, these plants will still survive well. They bloom with pink, white or blue flowers in small clusters.

These are instructions for the best plants for children to grow in a garden. These tools can be used to identify the best plants to grow for children to make an extraordinary gardening event memorable and fun.


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