Fennel Seeds- Benefits of Colon Health, Heart Health and Digestive Health

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Fennel seeds are strong source of powerful nutrients. They are a part home natural therapy for many diseases and conditions. If these seeds are used in moderation then they can provide some very important health benefits. Let’s find out important heal

Fennel seeds are not only an important part of many cuisines but also vital for health benefits. These seeds are often used as home remedies for many health problems. The aromatic fennel is a herb and very popular for therapeutic properties. Fennel has been used as a medicinal herb since the ancient times. Nutritional profile of fennel shows that it’s an excellent source of Vitamin C. Also, they are a good source of niacin or Vitamin B3. Fennel seeds are highly rich in folate, fiber, potassium and manganese. They also contain significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorous.  Apart from all these fennel seeds contain an important mineral called Molybdenum. Some of the important phytochemicals in fennel seeds which provide vital health benefits are kaempferol, flavonoids, rutin, fenchone, limonene and quercetin. Fennel seeds can contribute highly to promote the health. Major health benefits of fennel seeds are benefits of colon health, heart health and digestive health.

Fennel Seeds Benefits for Colon Health

Fennel seeds are good for digestion and help to cure stomach upsets. They are a strong source of fiber and that helps to remove toxins from the body including carcinogenic toxins. Fennel seeds are a natural colon cleanser and keep the colon healthy. Anti-oxidant phytochemicals in fennel seeds such as flavonoids have potential anti-cancer effects. Other anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of these herb also play important role in cancer especially colon cancer prevention.

Fennel Seeds Benefits for Heart Health

High fiber content of fennel seeds along with folate and other B vitamins help to promote the heart health. Strong anti-oxidant power of Vitamin C plays significant role in the protection of heart as well. Fennel seeds are very good for lowering cholesterol levels and they also play important role in the protection of blood vessels from homocysteine. Potassium is a very helpful mineral for reducing blood pressure levels. Overall, fennel seeds are well equipped with heart protecting and promoting properties.

Fennel Seeds for Digestive Health

Fennel seeds are very well known for digestive health benefits. Dietary fiber in these seeds play important role in it. Fennel seeds and fennel tea both are good for easing the stomach problems. Fennel seeds are very good home remedy against indigestion, heart burn and bloating. Fennel seeds are often used for reducing the gas problems. Iron in fennel seeds helps in metabolism and dietary fiber keeps the digestive tract healthy.

Fennel seeds are a very useful health promoting herb and very good home remedy for many health problems. Fennel seeds should be used in moderation, too much these seeds can cause problems such as allergic reaction, vomiting, nausea. Pregnant women should not eat fennel seeds because that can disturb the estrogen levels of the body. But overall, fennel is a very good herb and fennel seeds provide vital health benefits to colon health, heart health and digestive health.

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