Feng Shui Consultant Salary & Job Requirements

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Learn how to become a Feng Shui Consultant.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that combines philosophy, science and art. Followers are interested in energy flow and how they can use it to improve their quality of life. Many of these people will turn to Feng Shui consultants for advice.

Feng Shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’) means “wind water.” This practice dates as far back as the 3rd century B.C. Celebrities such as Madonna and Paula Abdul have helped to create a popular trend in the West to learn from this Eastern tradition and to incorporate it into their lives.

Clients will hire Feng Shui Consultants so that they visit their home or office. The consultant will then identify ways so that items are arranged according to Feng Shui traditions and thus help them to flourish. The basic aim of this is to bring harmony and balance in the room.

In order to start working as a Feng Shui Consultant you will need to have:


Having both belief and interest in the concept of Feng Shui is a must. For you it should not just be about money but really understanding the whole idea behind this philosophy. You may have already altered your own home/work space according to Feng Shui and would love to create a more harmonious space for other people.


Having adequate credentials to back up your love of Feng Shui will help to jet set your career. You can take up part or full time course both on and offline. These courses will take you beyond the basics and totally immerse you into the Feng Shui way of life.


Not everyone believes in the spiritual aspects surrounding Feng Shui, this goes for practitioners and clients. Some people only enter this field as they are attracted to the celebrity culture. Sometimes when you are working with clients you may come across one partner who does not believe.

Much of Feng Shui is to do with psychology. You need to have everyone on your side so work with the skeptics to clear any issues.

Right now Feng Shui is a popular trend that is touted by famous names. Many businesses and private individuals may also be interested in your services. Consultants can charge in many different ways- per consultation or an hourly rate.

Setting up your own consultancy can be a lucrative part or full time business. You can expect to make $20,000 to $60,000 per year working with businesses and private individuals. Feng Shui consultants can expect to make much more by working with the rich and famous.

Anyone who is good at helping others and has a keen interest in Eastern philosophy can find that being a Feng Shui consultant is a fascinating career choice. With the right qualifications you can turn your passion into a fun way of make a living.