February is National Blah Buster Month; Here Are Ways to Celebrate

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February is Blah Buster Month. There are lots of ways to recognize the theme. This list of ideas can help you come up with ways to celebrate National Blah Buster Month. February is always a welcome time for extra cheer.

February is Blah Buster Month. At least that’s what Oracle Think Quest and other online sources are saying. We all deserve a chance to take time out to beat the blues. There are lots of ways to celebrate this as a unique designation. There are some ideas below that will get you started. Without a doubt you will be able to come up with a few suggestions of your own.

Who would ever think that February is National Blah Buster Month? Information on how it got started is virtually nonexistent. Many people seem to celebrate it because its fun and gives us something to look forward to. The stress caused from all the holiday cheer can leave us feeling exhausted physically and financially for months. This unique reason to celebrate gives us a chance to do just that.

Do something silly.

Why not celebrate National Blah Buster Month by doing something silly? You can wear a vibrant hat your most outlandish t-shirt or sweatshirt. Suggest to your supervisor that instead of having a casual Friday your workplace could have a funny hat or t-shirt day.

Enjoy childhood fun.

Doing something fun is a good way to celebrate National Blah Buster Month. Take a lesson from childhood days when you blew bubbles in the afternoon. Grab a warm day and head to the park (or your backyard) after work. Pick up a bottle of bubble soap and have fun.

Spread the cheer.

Another way to recognize National Blah Buster Month is to spread some cheer to other people who need it. Residents in nursing homes and hospitals often appreciate a cheerful card. Many Children’s hospitals have programs in place that accept handmade or new blankets or toys for patients.

Having a family member in a hospital special care unit can be especially stressful on the family. Family members are often insecure about leaving a unit to get a bite to eat or bottle of water. Delivering a small basket that is filled with wrapped prepackaged crackers, cakes, wrapped candy and the like can make a huge difference.

Call ahead when celebrating February as National Blah Buster Month at a hospital or nursing home. Staff will be glad to fill you in on what is allowed.

Donate to charity.

Chances are high that our garages or closets contain a few items that we don’t need. Gather up those unwanted items and give them to a charity. Thrift shops and shelters can use what we don’t want to help others. It's a great way to put a smile on your face and on someone else's.

Reach out to a friend.

Send a card to a friend for no reason. It only takes a minute to send an e-card. For a few dollars, some card companies will stamp, address and mail a card that you purchase online.

There are lots of ways to make February National Blah Buster Month. Which ones will you choose? 

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