Farewell Messages for Teachers

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Farewell Messages for Teachers! Have you been exploring the net to find samples of farewell messages for teachers! Well you have reached the right spot. In this article you will find the best samples of farewell messages for teachers. Read on to find the

A teacher is a professional person who teaches you good things; guide you and someone who is very dedicated in imparting knowledge to their students. However, a teacher will not stay with you forever and it is really a saddening moment when a teacher needs to leave and say goodbye. Read on to find a perfect farewell message for your teacher.

At the time of your teacher's farewell express your warmest gratitude by thoughtful farewell message. Here is a collection of samples of farewell messages for teachers that you can use. So go ahead and send your farewell message as an sms text messages or write it a nice farewell card. 

1. You corrected my mistakes; you encouraged me with your words full of hope and support. I wish you all the best mam/sir! I learnt a lot from you! You are indeed an excellent teacher. I will really miss you.

2. Good bye mam/sir! It’s so sad that you need to leave us, but though you need to go; your inspiring words and thoughts will always stay with us. Thank you mam/sir for your passion in teaching us what we need to know. We love you mam/sir! We’ll surely miss you. 

3. Mam/sir, before you leave, we would like to express our gratitude for your dedication and love you have shown to us- your students. We know how much you wanted us to learn and that’s why we promise that we will use and share the knowledge we learn from you as we grow. Thank you mam/sir and good bye!

4. Thank you mam/sir for everything! Good bye and your teachings will always remain with us. You have been a very good teacher to us! God bless you more sir/mam!

5. Sir/mam, we are sad to hear about your leaving. But on the brighter side; we know that there are more students who needs your comfort, words and teachings. Let us take this opportunity to thank you mam/sir because you have successfully completed your mission to us. Good bye mam/sir! We hope to see you again next semester!

6. The way you teach, it simply touches our lives. You are not our parents but you act like we are your own children. You are not our lawyer but you defend us when we need comfort. Teacher, we feel sad when we heard you need to go. We promise to be good always and we will always apply your teachings in our everyday life. We will surely miss you mam/sir!