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Facts About Puerto Princesa Bay, Palawan, Philippines

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Facts about Puerto Princesa Bay in Palawan, Philippines.

Puerto Princesa City in Palawan Province is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. The word "Puerto Princesa" is a Spanish name for "Princess of Ports." 

Origin of Puerto Princesa

There are many stories about the origin of the name of the City of Puerto Princesa. Some say the city got its name from the scenic Puerto Princesa Bay, where ships can safely anchor and escape strong waves and currents especially during stormy days. The embayment of Puerto Princesa Bay is deep such that it is regarded as an ideal port, as the name connotes, a "Princess of Ports."

But some long time residents of the city attribute the name to a princess, long time ago, who was spotted by some seafarers walking along the beach of Puerto Princesa Bay. But when seafarers approached the lady, she just disappeared without a trace. This did not happen only once, but many times, as ships and boats make their way in the bay and navigate along the shores. Accordingly, the lady usually appears late in the afternoon, walking or sitting by the beach, with some birds flying around her. The Rotary Club of Puerto Princesa erected a statue along the baywalk to highlight this story (see below) and also to enrich the experience of tourists visiting the scenic city port.

princess of ports

Source: P. A. Regoniel@Picable.com

The Baywalk in Puerto Princesa Bay

Many locals and tourists visit Puerto Princesa Bay in the late afternoons to witness the scenic landscape and unwind from the busy city life. A long stretch of tiled baywalk, benches and elevated end of the concrete dike allow visitors to either walk or sit beside the sea. Bicycles for rent are available at the far, southern portion of the baywalk for those who want to get a round of the baywalk within a few minutes.

baywalk puerto princesa

Source: P. A. Regoniel@Picable.com 

You can stay in the baywalk even up to the late hours of the day to enjoy the night scene and take some photographs. There are many subjects to photograph in the bay such as the incoming late afternoon flight of Cebu Pacific, or the golden boats at night - a product of light reflecting from the line of beautiful lamposts lining the baywalk. The scene is magical.

golden boats in puerto princesa bay

Source: P. A. Regoniel@Picable.com

In the early morning, joggers and briskwalkers enjoy the breeze as they negotiate the length of the baywalk. Puerto Princesa Bay provides a relaxing atmosphere to start off one's day with a good mood.


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